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Simon's Home Video (a.k.a. The Kid Is Out Of The Picture)

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Of Camdens

Back in the live-action chain-link-fence theater, Simon says, "I will finish high school, I will finish college, and get my degree, I will start my career, I will marry someone I love and respect, and we will raise our children to be responsible, and to make a contribution to this world. And I will do those things in that order." Every journey begins with its first step, says an anonymous quotation.

At this point, both Admissions Guys died of boredom. Admissions Guy 1 leaves behind a wife and two young children, as well as both parents and a sister. Admissions Guy 2 leaves behind a new fianceé, his parents, and two brothers. As a tribute to them, CSA admitted the student whose video application they were watching when they mysteriously died. The PK on the admissions staff who sent them Simon's video was the eulogist at both funerals.

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