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Dopey Matt walks into his apartment with Chickenhead. Roommate John is trying to study, but the upstairs neighbours are blaring the stereo. Dopey proclaims that he's "starving to death." He opens up the cupboard and the camera focuses in on some cleaning supplies. Why, I don't know, unless the camera operator is hoping, as am I, that Matt will assuage his hunger with some drain cleaner. The fridge is empty, but John has some gum on his desk, which Dopey and Chickenhead consume frenetically, in what makes for a very bizarre and pointless scene. John puts his earplugs back in, either to drown out the neighbours' music or because he's sick of talking to Dopey.

At the Camden Compound, SuperMom walks in the front door with Simon and Ruthie. Annie and Simon argue about the little show he put on in the schoolyard, and Simon tries to play it off as something which Annie can't understand because it's a "guy thing." He leaves. In comes Eric "RevCam" Camden, carrying the twins in a laundry basket. SuperMom looks at RevCam inquiringly, and he says, "Don't ask." Okay, I promise not to ask, but you have to promise not to tell. SuperMom launches into a diatribe about Simon, in which she keeps referring to him as "[RevCam's] son." I'm thinking that if she gets even more worked up about Mary's "unthinkable" act later, she may be the next character to have a coronary. She stomps off, and we see that Simon has been listening in from the top of the stairs. He runs off, looking like he's about to cry, and against my better judgment, I feel kind of sorry for him.

Back at school, Mary is leaning against the "cool" electric van, playing with a basketball. Lucy walks up and interrogates her about why she's not at practice. Mary warns her to stop if she wants to get a ride home. Lucy asks how far away home is. Gee, I thought she was supposed to be the bright one. When Mary says, "Two or three miles," Lucy does this zipping-her-lip gesture, and they take off. This scene wouldn't have even been worth mentioning if it weren't for the fact that it reveals that Lucy does that dumb "school court" thing every afternoon!

Dopey is back at his apartment, sans Chickenhead or John. He pulls at his hair to show that, in this scene, his motivation is "frustration." He looks frantically through his dresser, which contains a single gym sock. Then he starts picking out shirts from his laundry hamper and sniffing them, looking about as revolted as I must have while watching this. After seeing that the laundry detergent bottle is empty, he picks up a can of furniture polish, sprays some into the air and, in a beautiful display of interpretive dance, waves his shirts through the mist. Okay, I don't know what's weirder: that Matt would be putting furniture polish on his shirts or that two university students would even own furniture polish.

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