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In the school principal's office, RevCam and SuperMom are discussing Simon's hand gesture. The principal tells them it falls under the category of "harassing, gang or indecent gestures," and is punishable by three days' suspension. That sounds a little harsh to me, and the 'rents agree. Unfortunately, SuperMom bases her argument on how great her pwecious little Simon is, which, understandably, doesn't win anyone over. The principal makes a last-ditch effort to appeal to RevCam, but he backs up Annie and walks out.

In the minivan, SuperMom asks Simon if he's okay. When he doesn't answer, she tries to comfort him, saying, "If nothing else, we'll have three days of quality time." Hey, Annie, don't you think Simon's been punished enough already? Uh-oh, here come the waterworks. Simon is upset because of that conversation he overheard where SuperMom kept referring to him as RevCam's son. He thinks she doesn't want him. RevCam tactfully goes off to admire the minivan's tires for a while, and SuperMom gives a very nice speech about how much she loves Simon and how special he is. She also gives a more rational opinion of The Finger than I would have expected. She calls the gesture "ordinary," and says, "It's like the people who use that gesture aren't smart or clever enough to think of something better to do." I hate to say it, but she does have a point. Then again, the Christmas shopping season is almost upon us, and I just know I'm gonna forget all about her little speech the next time someone cuts me off for a parking space at the mall.

Inside the high school, Mary talks to a couple of boy basketball players who tell her that the basketball league rules only require a minimum GPA. Mary resolves to get a copy of the league's bylaws. I resolve to start drinking caffeine again to help me stay awake during scenes like this.

Lucy and two of her dweeb friends are walking down the hall discussing -- what else, the stupid basketball lockout that the whole community allegedly thinks is such big news. The dweebs offer some rumours which are so stupid that I refuse to type them out. Lucy swears the dweebs to secrecy and says that the lockout happened because of low grades. I'm happy to see that the dweebs get right to work on passing along the gossip as soon as Lucy leaves. By the way, after the last episode, which was the first I'd ever seen, I liked Lucy, and I mentioned that in the forum here. I'd like to take this opportunity to officially retract that statement.

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