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At the Camden Compound, Simon and Ruthie are discussing the fact that everything is so quiet -- Mary's not yelling or slamming doors. They both agree that this is "not good at all." Simon says he has an idea. I venture to guess it is "not good at all." I am right. He grabs both parts of the twins' baby monitor, which, for plot-furthering purposes, are sitting on a dresser rather than, say, being used to monitor the babies. He ties the broadcasting part of the monitor to Happy's neck with a bandanna and tells Happy to go upstairs. Amazingly, Happy does just that, going right over to Mary, who's on the phone with one of her teammates. Happy just sits there looking bored, the antenna of the monitor very obviously sticking out of her bandanna, while Simon and Ruthie listen in on Mary's half of the phone conversation. They hear Mary say something about her friend's suggestion being "a little extreme," and in true Camden spirit, they think this is actually any of their business. They're discussing whether to share their ill-gotten knowledge with their parents when Dopey shouts up to them that it's time to go watch the game.

They run down to the front door, where Simon says he'll bet some money on the game for RevCam. RevCam has no objection. Let's see, lewd hand gestures are cause for serious alarm but gambling is no problem whatsoever? Nice value system, SuperParents. Ruthie declares that she wants to go along and Simon tries to stop her. SuperMom suggests Ruthie stay home and do something with Lucy and SuperMom instead. Ruthie says, "Kill me," which is a pretty funny line on many levels. Dopey agrees that Ruthie can come along and Ruthie launches into some of her Adorable Demon Urchin shtick that we could all do without. She leaves before it gets too bad, though.

Mary asks the 'rents if she can grab a bite to eat with her friends. They let her go. SuperMom asks RevCam if they did the right thing, and he reassures her in a very manly fashion.

Down at Eddie's Pool Hall, members of the girls' basketball team are bitching about Coach Cleary again. One girl declares, "This whole thing makes me nuts. I just want to go over to the gym and . . ." Aw, man, just go and do "the unthinkable" already! The fake suspense is really working my nerves.

RevCam and SuperMom are hinting to each other that they don't want Matt to move back home. Speak of the, er, devil, here comes Dopey, with Simon and Ruthie in tow. Dopey's friends kicked them out because they couldn't take Ruthie's incessant "honking." SuperMom gives a very odd little speech, which I will reproduce in its entirety for your entertainment: "You know how we feel about burping, sneezing on each other or each other's food, spitting, or anything to do with your or anybody else's nose, or pretty much anything that comes out of your head, and yes, honking." The fact that Ruthie starts talking about apologizing for "accidents" leads me to believe that perhaps her "honking" was not facilitated by her armpit. In any case, I'm happy to see her leave.

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