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It appears that Ruthie and Lucy are still sharing a bedroom. Since Robbie made his escape, the Hello Kitty bedroom should be free. If I were Ruthie, I'd move the hell downstairs, pronto. But I suppose that this way, the writers think they have a reason to put her in the same room with a melodramatically sighing Lucy. Negating any common sense she may have shown in past episodes, Ruthie asks Lucy what's wrong. In answer, Lucy holds up her day-minder. It's a really gross, girly-looking affair, with red hearts drawn all down the left and an abundant use of colored pens. It's really hard for me to read Lucy's writing, but under "Monday," it seems to say "Eyebrows." I assume this means she's going out to search for a pair to wear until her own grow back. Unfortunately, nowhere do I see any mention of growing a spine and kicking her loser cyborg boyfriend to the curb. In fact, the reason she's depressed is because it's almost Valentine's Day -- or VD, as I like to call it -- and Kevin still hasn't proposed. Of course, he's already indicated that he plans to marry her, so I really don't understand the purpose of the whole stupid proposal business anyway. A friend of mine told me about an otherwise lovely couple he knows who had the hall for their wedding reception booked and had already told everyone they knew to set aside the date. They, however, didn't consider themselves engaged until she had a ring on her finger. Apparently, that made it a little hard for people to feign excitement when the "engagement" was finally "announced." But I guess I'm just not romantic. And trust me -- I'm not losing any sleep over that.

So, where we were? Oh, right -- Ruthie's trying to reassure Lucy that the T-1000 will propose. I wonder if Kevin slipped Ruthie some cash to make Lucy feel like shit, because the little brat is telling her that Kevin seems really "stressed out," and that it must be Lucy's fault. Hey, Lucy's been making a lot of progress in accepting the blame for all of Kevin's flaws and frustrations, but I'm sure he wants her completely subjugated before the actual marriage. Ruthie "jokes" about how she will miss Kevin when Lucy drives the evil robot away. She's certainly in the right demographic to like Kevin. I don't think if I've ever seen any real person over the age of twelve express approval of him.

Out in the garage, Annie is looking for Kevin. Instead of the cyborg, she sees Simon coming down the stairs from the unfinished Treehouse. If he had to buckle his belt or anything, he sure did it quickly. And off-camera, too. He tells his mom that Kevin was "helping [him] with a paper" and that he (Kevin) just left. Annie wonders why she smells smoke and air freshener. She accuses Simon of smoking. He says he doesn't smoke because he's not "stupid." While the jury's still out on that one, the truth probably is that he doesn't smoke because he learned how bad it is from one of the fifty-gazillion other times this show has dealt with smoking. Or just by being alive in the twenty-first century.

Down on the Promenade, some guy pulls up on a motorcycle that my husband tells me is very expensive. As the guy takes off his helmet and sticks a cigarette in his mouth, we see that RevCam is watching him also. In fact, he's positively checking him out, especially when the guy takes off his jacket to reveal that the only thing he's wearing under it is a wife-beater and a particularly dorky tattoo. When RevCam drops one of the boxes he's carrying, I can't help but wonder if this is that age-old ploy where a woman drops a handkerchief in the hope that a nearby man will pick it up for her, allowing her the opportunity to meet him. Has any real woman actually done that, ever, in the history of time? It's always been such a total cliché that it wouldn't surprise me at all if Brenda were to resort to employing it here. Look, I won't insult your intelligence by pretending there's any inherent drama in this scene. The fact of the matter is that this is Jeremy London's twin brother, Jason, and he's playing Miss Chanandler Bong's twin brother Sid in this episode. And to tell you the truth, I wouldn't have recognized him if I hadn't known he'd be appearing here. It's not just the clothes and the bike; it's just that gazing at Jeremy London's Furrowed Brow Of Bad Acting pains me so much that I try not to look at him at all if I can help it. Therefore, the odds of me recognizing his twin brother are pretty small. I think from the expression on Eric's face that we're supposed to realize that he thinks this guy is Chandler, but to me, it just looks like he thinks he's finally found the man to replace beloved bad boy Robbie in his heart.

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