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Boy, Annie sure is spending a lot of time with the odious twins this week. It's art time, and the twins are drawing with pencils. Thing One holds up a pencil and pretends to be smoking. He tells Thing Two, "No, do it like this." I have to inform you, stupid twin, that your smoking technique totally blows. It needs a lot of work. Annie walks in and sees the twins pretending to smoke. Understandably, she's horrified. Me, not so much. If these were real people, I might be, but for some reason the sight of the twins pretending to smoke sends me off into gales of laughter. Annie stares at the brats intently. I hope she's going to correct their technique.

Sid comes by the CamPound to pick up Lucy. He runs into RevCam in the backyard and stops to chat. Eric wants to make sure Sid knows that Lucy is almost engaged. Sid says he does, but that he'd rather go out with her than sit around Chandler's house and watch his brother "implode." Are you sure, Sid? Because if I knew RevBong were going to implode, I'd probably make time in my schedule to watch. And I think it goes without saying that watching that would be way more fun than trying to have a conversation with Lucy. ["That…watching grass grow…surgery…a tax audit…" -- Sars] Sid admits that he's not only here to pick up Lucy; he also wants to encourage Eric to keep trying to help Chandler. He talks about the Bong family history for a bit, explaining that their father has always been a very demanding man, and that he and Chandler both rebelled against him -- Chandler by becoming a minister, and Sid by "drowning [himself] in alcohol and drugs." No offence, but Sid's way sounds like a lot more fun. Sid goes on to paint Chandler as a veritable saint for putting himself through the super-famous Kolbel Seminary after their father cut him off financially. Frankly, I'm not sure how hard it could have been for RevBong, money-wise, since I do remember him driving a pretty swanky car last week.

As Sid keeps talking, I'm liking him more and more. Unlike so many of the losers who show up on this program, he actually takes responsibility for his own actions and is not blaming his father for his drug use. Damn! He's sounding better and better. Lucy would have to be a total moron not to toss aside Kevin and snap this guy up. He even cares deeply about his brother, who isn't exactly the most likeable character on the planet. As he winds down his impassioned plea to RevCam to help Chandler, he lights up a cigarette. ["Hey, he earned it -- he'd been talking FOR AT LEAST THREE DAYS. I mean, I liked Sid, but…dude. Just hit the high points." -- Sars] RevCam suggests that Sid quit smoking right now. Sid thinks about it for a second and then tosses his cigarette down on the ground. When RevCam leaves to get Lucy, Sid immediately fires up another butt. Ha! Did I mention that I'm in love with Sid?

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