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Freaks And Greeks

President HH tries to weasel in on the guy Matt's dad got him an interview with. Matt watches while Leah blabbers on about feelings. God, I hate it when women do that. Then she makes out with Matt. Damn, that girl is aggressive! The interview guy stops President HH from talking so he can see the lesbian action. Matt tells Leah that he's moving back to Minnesota and leaving the DOG house. Leah's not happy about this.

Lex bumps into Oily Guy, who is gross.

Matt, changed into his guy clothes, bumps into the interview guy.

Lex and Oily Guy dance. Lex is pissed.

Matt gets the job with the interview guy. Woooo. Then we see Matt changing back into his girl clothes, when Lex busts in on him, trying to escape Oily Guy. Matt tells him that he got the job, and they're all set. They hug, but then Leah comes in. Of all the unfortunate coincidences! She thinks that Lex and Matt are together, but for some reason they can't follow her because they both need to concentrate all their energies on finding the tape.

Interview Guy propositions Leah, and she slaps him. He tells his friends that she has an attitude and they should dogcatcher her. Below deck, Matt hears the dogcatcher whistle; he immediately knows it's for Leah and runs upstairs. Five old frat guys, including the interview guy and Matt's dad, are trying to throw Leah overboard, which seems a bit excessive, seeing as she could drown. Matt runs over and tells them to put her down. They don't listen, so Matt calls his dad in his real voice ---and that's all it takes for them to realize that he's actually Matt in drag. Matt pulls his wig off, and Leah is pretty upset, and so is his father. Lex runs to the front of the group and watches, but then Oily Guy tries to get on him again, so Lex reveals who he really is. Oily Guy is weirded out, but since that's how he's made me feel for the whole film, I think he deserves it. President HH runs to the front of the group with Harland and Harland's wig in his hand, and how was Harland the last one to be found out when he so obviously looked like a man this whole time? President HH wants to convene the high council, and then makes a mask out of a paper plate to do so.

Matt, Lex, and Harland have been stripped down to their bras (why?) and boxers, and the DOGs are being ferried back to shore. President HH asks if they have any last words, and Matt chooses this opportunity to tell us the lesson this movie is trying to teach us, about the right way to treat women. Harland pulls out a tape and says that it's of President HH stealing the money. Matt pulls Harland aside and asks him if that's the right tape. Harland doesn't think so. Matt decides to play it anyway. He turns it on, and there's Lex having sex with a girl doggie-style. I'm glad they found a way to get that in there. Everyone laughs, but then the tape changes over to President HH stealing the money. Suddenly the entire group turns on President HH, and I guess they did something to him involving grease and gerbils.

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