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Freaks And Greeks

Lex gets sworn in as the president of KOK.

Matt sits outside the door to the DOG house. He tells Leah that he quit the KOK house. He tells Leah that he's happy that he got to know her, even though he had to lie to do it. He's kind of endearing in this scene. Kind of. Leah is still pissed at him.

Oily Guy and Lex have dinner together. Oily Guy is feeling uncomfortable. Lex asks him if they did anything together. Oily Guy flashes back to a scene of Lex passed out and Oily Guy rising up behind him. Not cool. Oily Guy tells Lex that nothing happened. But wouldn't Lex kind of know if he had been anally penetrated? I'm just saying -- not I'd know or anything.

The KOKs go to a social at the DOG house, and Lex introduces Oily Guy to Heather. Why would Lex think that it is a good idea to bring Oily Guy around any girls after what happened?

Harland and the French girl feed each other cake.

Giantess is having a fun time with Token Black Frat Guy.

Matt is alone on the couch -- I thought he quit the KOKs. Whatever. Leah sits down next to him and tells him to tell his female alter-ego that she misses her. Then they make out.

The credits roll over a shot of the cool sorority girls, who are still adrift from the Kruise. They are happy that they have gotten great tans and lost weight. Oh, this is sad -- Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo did the songs for this film. Did he and Heather think they were a part of a different movie or something?

And the film ends with the same amount of taste it has shown throughout -- the cool sisters are throwing a Donner party and eating themselves.

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