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Freaks And Greeks

Oily Guy is walking down the street in his usual oily way. The wardrobe people gave this guy only two outfits -- his regular clothes and his bathrobe. He wears the same thing in every scene. Oily Guy hears a noise in some bushes, and then gets dragged into them. Lex is wearing his man outfit, with the wig that looks faker than the one he wears as a woman. Oily Guy tells Lex the news about finding himself a girl and how he "banged her five times." Lex slaps him, then recovers and congratulates him. Oily Guy remembers that he is not supposed to be talking to Lex, and runs away.

Our three heroes are sleeping in their Powerpuff room when the alarm clock goes off at 7 AM. Harland hits it with a chair. Lex calls him a "dipshit." Hee. Lex tries to put some pants on and falls over. That's the third time someone has fallen over. Matt trims his nose hairs. Ew. Harland manages to accidentally apply lipstick all over his front teeth. Lex walks into the boy's bathroom at school, then remembers that he is supposed to be a woman. Then he has to wait in line for the women's room. That sucks. Why is the women's room line always so long? I bet if our stalls didn't have doors on them like the men's urinals, we would all go much faster. Matt sits in his stereotypical women's studies class, then plays with Leah in the shower. A football lands in front of Lex, and when he goes to throw it back, he trips over his heels and falls. That joke is so old. Some guy opens the door for Matt, but then closes it in Lex's face. How is Lex supposed to be an uglier woman than Matt? The guy in the car drives by Lex and calls him fat again, and Lex checks out his butt in the mirror, then tries to Thighmaster it. I once thought that working out would make me thinner, but it actually adds muscle mass and made me bigger. I was pretty pissed about that. The montage ends with a shot of the three guys walking down the street in drag. Lex is wearing these really sweet leather pants.

Matt and Leah have a study session. He stares at her and makes her uncomfortable. She asks him what his problem is, and he quotes Shakespeare. She continues the quote, and then asks him if she should give him oral sex right at the table. Then she tells him off for thinking that a few lines of Shakespeare will get him ladies. Matt says he's not like that. Leah insists that he is. Then she insists on studying. Horror.

A big red dildo flies through Heather's window. How are the KOKs still allowed to do this? Don't the DOG girls call the campus police about it? That is so dangerous (and expensive). Heather locks her bedroom door and looks at the dildo interestedly.

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