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Stand down

Lucy's flipping though a wedding magazine. Kevin walks in, and she yells that her "mom quit." Now she can't plan a wedding in six weeks, unless they want to "wear sweats and eat fast food." Or elope to Vegas. Or go to City Hall and have a reception at the pool hall. Or get Happy a minister certificate on the internet and have him preside over the ceremony at Club Minor. God, these people are so unimaginative. Anyway, it's "all [Kevin's] fault" since he told her to tell Annie how she really feels. He laughs and says he didn't tell her to "alienate" her, and that Lucy shouldn't "explode [her] feelings all over [Annie]." Lucy is all, "Why do I have to fix everything?" Kevin says because she messed it up, and because he's "not one of those modern grooms who wants to be involved with every detail" like looking at "fabric swatches" and "approv[ing] menus or bands." He "just want[s] to show up." How modern. Hey, is Kevin allergic to any foods or genres of music?

Ben and Ruthie are walking the fake Carson down the Promenade. Does this seem like a good idea to you? Ben tells her he got written up. They see Jake and his hot mom. Ben pops a tiny boner. All in all, Jake gets to keep the dog if Ben helps train him. And hey, maybe Ruthie can help lose the dog!

CamPound. Annie is angrily putting away clean clothes. I didn't think it was possible to put away clothes so angrily, but there it is. Lucy comes in and grovels for a bit, actually admitting that the wedding won't be all about her, but about a family coming together to celebrate a new family being formed. Annie is all, "Having trouble planning a wedding in six weeks?" Yes, you mean cow. Lucy says she needs her mom's help, and that she needs her mom. Will she help? Annie looks mean and mad, then says yes. Lucy looks relieved, then asks if she has to wear grandma's dress. Annie says yes, then no. They hug and say they love each other, but Annie has that sad face on and looks like she doesn't mean it.

Roxanne confronts her father. With Chandler in tow. Roxy's Dad says, "Got sprung from the joint, did you?" Chandler says, "Not without making some interesting friends." Roxy's Dad barks out a laugh. Chandler says, "Message received." And he has a reply: He loves Roxanne, and will be "okay" with it if her dad isn't in their lives. And he threatens to call a "friend at the New York Times to tell him about the police officers in Glenoak." And whatever he "digs up or makes up" will be fine with Chandler. Roxy's Dad likes this side of Chandler. He says, "You have…" and Chandler says, "…of steel." I would say something more like, "Chandler, I can see your nuts." But I guess the implication of balls is good enough for this show.

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