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Simon and Ruthie are in the bathroom, staring at the flushing toilet. They walk out, and RevCam spots them. He asks what's in the box they're carrying. Simon says that it was two lizards. Ruthie says they flushed the last one, but not to worry because they said a prayer first. I would worry that the toilet wouldn't be able to handle a large dead lizard and would clog. Ruthie and Simon explain that Lester ate Lizzie and then died. As nasty as that sounds, something similar happened to my lizard. RevCam responds to all this with a rather girly "ewww" and his best Robert Wagner impression. Then he walks away. Ruthie and Simon shrug. I'm just glad that the stupid lizard subplot is finally over.

RevCam walks into the kitchen and tells Annie to move it to the counseling session. Annie says that she talked to her dad, and everything is okay now. RevCam asks how she feels about Anniedad with Ginger. She says that she wants her dad to be happy, but she just needs some more time to get used to the idea of her dad with a girlfriend. She says that the Rev was right about Anniedad trying to drive Ginger away. I don't remember RevCam ever mentioning that. Then he asks about the plots. Annie says that they have plenty of time to think about it. Then a car drives into the kitchen, hitting RevCam and instantly killing him. Annie cries out that she should have made the decision about burial plots a little sooner. No, actually, they make out and the camera pans over to Lucy, who is listening to the whole thing. That's creepy.

At the church, Annie and RevCam walk through the door with their arms around each other. Inside the counseling room are all the couples, who are now all affectionate and stuff. Ugly asks how things are going with RevCam and Annie, because he is nosy. RevCam says that they've discussed their differences and have reached "an impasse." Ugly asks where they're being buried, because he's nosy and morbid and very possibly a lost Camden cousin. RevCam tells him not to start trouble. Then RevCam asks all the couples how they're all doing, and everyone is doing great. Do you care how? No, you don't.

Matt and Mary are walking down the high-school hall together, of course. People must think they're dating at this point. I hope Mary can be herself with her new boyfriend! They walk up to their sister, who is talking to Jimmy and Rod. The boys turn to the camera, and we see that Rod has shaved and Jimmy has a streak of purple in his hair. Lucy looks all surprised, as if she just noticed this, even though we saw her standing in front of them before. Lucy tells Jimmy that she isn't ready to be with him, but she likes the purple hair because it shows that Jimmy can take risks. Lucy tells Rod, who thinks that he's going to get a new girlfriend, that she wants to give him time to like her without Jimmy trying to get her too. And she wants to give herself a chance to figure out who she is and identity blah blah blah. Rod and Jimmy both look annoyed as Lucy tells them that she hopes they can all be friends. Then she leaves, with her brother and sister following behind her. Rod and Jimmy bitch about women.

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