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Cutting a rug

Eric and Annie are still in the session. They are talking, but no one else is. Blah blah blah, communication, blah blah. Suddenly, Uglyhusband pipes up and says that Bonnie is a control freak, especially with the money. Bonnie points out that it's her money. Ugly says it's their money. Bonnie says that she earns it and he spends it. He points out that he spends it on medical school. Bonnie does a "talk to the hand" gesture and looks away. Katie says she hates living with Michael's mother. Michael says that she hates his mother. I wish the show were taking place in their house; that would at least be entertaining. Then Michael says something about not abandoning his mom like his dad did, and I don't care about them anymore. Now it's Robert and Patty's turn to have problems. Robert's mad because Patty's pregnant. Patty's mad because Robert didn't go to the sonogram because he was too busy watching cartoons. That sucks for Patty. RevCam says that now they're getting somewhere, but time's up, so, bye everyone! They all walk out mad at each other. They should be mad at themselves for not going to a real marriage counselor with a degree in counseling.

Back at the CamPound, Eric and Annie enter. Eric asks if he can help with dinner, but Annie says that she just has to put the lasagna in the oven. Eric brings up Annie's dad and Ginger. They wonder what the problem between them is.

Lucy's room. She's still talking, but this time she's in the dark and lying down. Mary is next to her, doing a headstand for no reason. I am momentarily impressed by this show of gymnastic skill, then I hope that they both pass out from too much blood to the brain.

Matt comes into the kitchen, where Eric and Annie are making out. Annie asks where her father is and why Matt isn't at the airport picking him up. Matt is more clueless than usual. Annie screams Lucy's name -- first and last. She doesn't provide a middle, however, so I don't think that Lucy's in too much trouble. Or the writers couldn't be bothered to give her a middle name. Up in her room, Lucy freaks and rudely hangs up on her friend. The lighting of the room has suddenly become much brighter, in a show of inconsistency that just cuts the cord holding up my suspended disbelief, causing it to plummet down the ravine of No More Interest In This Show. But that happens about every two minutes anyway. Lucy says that she forgot to tell Matt to pick up Grandpa. Mary says that Lucy is dead, Lucy makes a weird noise, the doorbell rings.

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