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After an establishing shot that shows it's summer outside the CamPound, we see RevCam retrieving something from the refrigerator. On the door are those plastic letter magnets you use to teach little kids to read. I imagine Dopey left them behind when he moved to New York. Or maybe the crew cheer themselves up about their jobs by using the letters to spell out lewd messages when Brenda's not looking. At least someone remembered to clean that up before this taping, so the letters now read, "We love Happy." For once, there's a message on this show that I can believe in. RevCam, in all his parenting wisdom, seems to be bribing the twins to either sniffle or sneeze on command. SamVid do this about as well as they do everything else. Mercifully for the viewers, there is a knock at the door, which cuts short the extremely fake "ah-choo"-ing.

Oh, how delightful. It's Ruthie's annoying little friend Peter, the kid with those super-cutting-edge spiky bangs. Why RevCam allows him in the house is beyond me, especially since the rest of the family, including Ruthie, are all at church. RevCam, of course, is sulking and doesn't want to go to church. I guess that's why he's been encouraging the twins to lie and pretend that they're sick -- so that Eric can stay home with them. That's really lovely behaviour, especially when it comes from a man of the cloth. Peter calls RevCam on the trick he's pulled to stay home from church. He expresses some disbelief that Annie would be taken in by the twins' totally unbelievable cold symptoms. This leads me to think that he's never actually met the intellectual known as SuperMom. RevCam gets all defensive at being caught lying. Because he's a total hypocrite, he berates Peter for not going to church. Good response, Eric. That really accomplished a lot.

Down at RevCam's church, Miss Chanandler...Bong is getting ready to begin his sermon. He's momentarily distracted by the vision of loveliness that is Roxanne. Or maybe he's distracted because it looks like she's been standing too close to a paper shredder and got her skirt caught in it. Lucy is also transfixed by Roxanne, and she's downright nasty about the cop's New Year's resolution to start going to church more. Evidently, she sees absolutely no irony in pettily calling into question someone else's spirituality. The organist starts playing, and the choir and congregation stand up. At the last minute, Chanandler stands up too. Everyone sings for a while, which makes me happy since there's nothing to recap.

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