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Hard Candy Mary Christmas

Matt accosts his parents and the twins in the Camden living room. He announces that he'll be sleeping on their couch and then bitches about John and Priscilla's engagement. His parents find his selfishness amusing.

Ruthie shows Robbie into her Hello Kitty-bedecked room. Matt stomps in, and they all sit down to color. Ruthie calls Matt "Doc Camden" and tells him to give his new brother a hug. I think this scene was supposed to be a shout-out to me, but I'm actually mostly over my Hello Kitty craze. If Aaron Spelling starts putting Tare Panda items in Ruthie's room, we'll know for sure.

Simon informs his dad that he's going out for a while. RevCam asks if he's seeing the girl he's been phoning so much. Simon changes the subject to Robbie. He says no one likes Robbie and he can't stay. The doorbell rings, and both CamMen run downstairs. It's an attractive blonde named Sasha. She's had her license for two years and she'll be driving Simon to get ice cream in her BMW. RevCam is wary, but lets Simon go. I'm assuming that Sasha is older than Simon, but I can't really tell because all these young people with their make-up and their black clothing look the same to me. That must have been the big deal, though. Sasha's older than Simon -- big deal. Dude, it's cosmic.

In the kitchen, Lucy and Annie discuss the new Camden/Robbie arrangement. Lucy is unperturbed about the whole thing, because the Camdens' problems are nothing compared to Mike's. Her mom runs to get the twins. Lucy pulls her letter out of her pocket and opens it. She smiles. RevCam walks in and asks what the letter was. "Nothing, just some information on a college," Lucy says. Then she hugs him "for being [her] dad." They frolic as father and daughter, and the show ends. I guess she's waiting until the next episode to tell Mike, and then she'll tell her family. I hope I can hold out that long. It's hard to survive for so many days without these glimpses of moral, blessed, family life.

Hey, was it Christmas or something? I didn't even see a potted poinsettia. Oh, well. Christmas came. Without boxes and bags or Camden doodads, Christmas came just the same. God bless us every one.

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