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Annie's in the CamKitchen, calling people and thanking them for agreeing to participate in something. A gang bang? A Tupperware party? I don't know, and I don't care!

Dopey confronts Simon, saying, "You almost got me fired today!" I guess he's trying to blame Simon for giving him the names of the wrong boys, even though Simon had absolutely nothing to do with Matt's dimwitted decision to insult Mr. Jenkins. Inexplicably, Dopey keeps insulting Simon, until Simon almost hits him. Yeah, Simon, kick his ass! But he doesn't. I guess the whole purpose of this trumped-up fight was so that we, the viewers, can see that violence is bad. Very, very bad. Thanks for that news flash, doofuses. Or should that be "doofi"?

RevCam informs Annie that Detective Michaels had caught the bullies who were hassling Yasmine. Annie hopes "their parents have the ability to steer them onto the right course." Never fear, Annie. Of course RevCam's planning to pay them a little visit tomorrow to set them straight. Annie may not be a mean bitch anymore, but she's obviously still delusional, as she says, "When I feel like the world is getting a little crazy, I think of our kids and what nice and kind people they've turned out to be. It makes me happy knowing how they're making the world a better place." Oh, please! Your older sons spent this entire episode insulting each other and talking about kicking someone's ass, for God's sake, and your older daughters bothered all your neighbors to sign some ridiculous petition that wasn't even a petition. These people are not making the world a better place, and neither is Brenda Hampton.

The next morning, RevCam meets up with the imam of Nasreen's mosque to talk about someone name Mr. Halawi. He sounds like a great guy. And here he comes now, coughing up a storm. I take it he's Nasreen's husband, since RevCam makes some reference to him not being well. He offers him a coffee, which Mr. Halawi accepts, saying, "I am overwhelmed by this act of kindness." Dude, it's just a coffee! But he seems even more grateful for the coffee than when RevCam and the imam offer to work for him for the day -- at least I think that's what they're offering. Since Mr. Halawi owns his own business, he hasn't been able to take time off to recuperate. The imam announces, "Today you are open for business." I don't know what kind of business Mr. Halawi owns, but I hope it's something that RevCam would be good at, like stalking. I hope he doesn't manufacture semiconductors or something. Still, it's nice to see RevCam doing something useful for someone, for a change, and overall, this is a good scene.

I can't say the same for the next scene, though, as Annie and Ruthie open the door to see Ms. Riddle and Mrs. Mackoul on their doorstep. Ruthie says, "Don't you know I'm not going to Eleanor Roosevelt School anymore?" Ever the perky one, Mrs. Mackoul replies, "Neither am I, and neither is Ms. Riddle. We're all going to the same place, Ruthie." Would that place be hell, by any chance? Well, close to it: Ruthie's old school. Imagine! What are the odds? I know that last week Ms. Riddle was saying she had to leave that school since she was engaged to the principal, but I imagine that's all conveniently forgotten now. Yasmine arrives with her mother, and Nasreen thanks Annie profusely for all the help the Camdens have given her family. Annie asks, "Shall we start walking?" Simon offers to walk with them. It turns out Annie has asked a whole bunch of neighbors to join her while she walks to school with Ruthie and Yasmine. You know, that's going to get a little time-consuming for people if they're planning on doing this every day. Mary and Lucy decide to join the group. Lucy says, "We want to be a part of this too," while Mary nods and smiles vacantly. Lucy rudely points at the Japanese woman who's coming over to them and waving so hard it looks as though her hand may fall off. Yasmine gives us one final, painful speech: "Thank you, Mrs. Camden. Thank you for this. It's not just about going to school, for me. It's about walking on higher ground." That's great, but for me, it's all about trying to forget this episode ever happened.

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