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This cozy scene is interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the CamFam. Ruthie introduces her friend as Yasmine, and says she was hoping the girl could live here "because she's in danger." Annie asks her what kind of danger she's in, but Yasmine would rather not talk about it. One would assume she doesn't want Ruthie talking about it either, but that doesn't stop Ruthie, who explains that Yasmine was being harassed by bullies on the street because she's Muslim. It's nice to see the Camdens be supportive and to hear RevCam tell Yasmine that she is important. It's not so nice to think that after Yasmine has been through so much already, Ruthie tried to offer her the dirty Hello Kitty sheets from Dopey's bed to sleep on. Shudder. When Ruthie asks why she doesn't just change the route she walks home from school to avoid the bullies, Yasmine monotones, "I refuse to change my life. I refuse to be a victim." Good for her. Annie goes over and hugs her, which I'd like to do myself -- and not just to shut her up, either. Annie sends away the rest of the family so she can talk to Yasmine. The girl asks Annie not to tell her mother about the harassment, since she doesn't want her to worry. She says she can handle the situation and that everything's "okay." Annie kindly says, "It's not okay. You shouldn't ever have to take any of this." What a great scene. It's too bad the show goes mostly downhill from here.

The slide starts with Lucy forlornly comparing herself to the boys who bullied Yasmine. She apologizes for being so mean and "intolerant" to Mary. Mary is angry, but not at Lucy. She's mad at the bullies, and she even has a pretty good theory about why they acted the way they did: "Not only did those boys pick on Yasmine because of her ethnicity and religious background, but because she was a girl who was younger and smaller than they were." How could someone so dumb come up with such a good thought? And how could she not know what "plunder" or "pilfer" mean, yet she can effortlessly toss around words like "ethnicity"? I'm sure this was just a brief, shining moment of intelligence, though and that we're about to be subjected to the stupider side of Mary again, since she says she has "a plan." Yikes.

Simon and Dopey are angry too. Down in the CamKitchen, they're tossing a football back and forth while they talk about how Yasmine's tormentors are "evil, ignorant little cowards." Simon gets in a good line when he says, "So, aside from calling them cowards behind their backs, what are we gonna do about it?" It turns out that Matt has a wacky plan too: he's going to "kick their butts." Ooh! When Simon tries to talk him out of it, Dopey just says, "Come on, Simon, we have to take a stand and be men!" That's about all it takes to convince Simon. Or maybe he's just undergoing some chemical reaction right now. I've heard that tossing a football releases testosterone into the system, though that doesn't sound medically accurate to me. Why don't we ask Dopey? Oh, I guess we can't. He's too busy shouting in unison with Simon: "We're gonna go out and kick some butt!" RevCam walks in and witnesses this icky display. Tough guy Simon makes his escape, leaving Dopey to hear a mini-lecture from RevCam about how it's up to him to set a moral standard for his siblings. Dopey humors his father, but when Eric leaves, Matt says, "But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do," as he slams down the football in what is probably meant to be a very manly fashion. A commercial break gives me a chance to get all the laughter out of my system.

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