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The WB promo announcer guy promises that Mary will be returning to the show "a changed woman." That could only be an improvement, but since I'm convinced the people who write the promos never actually watch the show, I'm not holding my breath.

The episode begins with RevCam and Mary having a phone conversation about her coming to Glenoak for a weekend visit. Eric says that she is more than welcome, but he wants to make sure that she will be returning to Buffalo when the weekend is over. Mary is far too dimwitted to be insulted by that. Or possibly she's too excited about the prospect of talking to The Amazing Robbie to notice anything else. RevCam is heading off to fetch St. Robbie when Annie walks in. She makes some snide comment about RevCam reaping what he has sown. I assume she's referring to Robbie living at the CamPound, even though I never figured out exactly why that was supposed to be a problem anyway. RevCam passes the phone to Annie, who tries to tell Mary how great it will be to have her visit. Mary doesn't give a shit about that; she just wants to discuss Robbie's amazingness. See, I told you the promo people never watched the show. Mary hasn't changed; she's still the same rude, selfish git she's always been. Lucy comes in, followed by Ruthie. They try to speak to Mary on the phone, but both get dissed because Mary's only interested in speaking to Robbie. Ruthie's hair is blow-dried straight. It looks good, but I find it a little off-putting that someone so young would go to such great effort to change her basic hair texture. Speaking of hair, some of the other characters' hair looks different this episode too. Annie's got a new 'do that's flatter and darker and hangs over one eye. Lucy's hair seems a bit darker too. RevCam's hairline remains its usual receding self, though, and Robbie still looks like he cuts his own hair while using a cereal bowl as a guide. I'll bet Dopey's hair will suck the most, just as it always does. Mary tries to elicit some excitement from Robbie over her impending visit, but the best reaction he can come up with is Fakey Lackluster. The Camdens all look concerned, as does Robbie. His Camden-ness seem to be progressing apace. Why, before you know it, he'll be toilet-papering something! Mary hangs up the phone, sans goodbye. The writers punish her by making her try to shimmy in a sitting position while singing some dumb-ass song about how she's going to see Robbie. I'm happy to say that she looks like a complete idiot doing that.

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