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Up in their old room, Mary and Lucy pretend to have a charming bonding session, except that it's not charming and they don't really bond, because you can tell they don't like each other very much. Mary can't understand why no one's thrilled to have her back; Lucy insists that Robbie is happy, but she kind of glosses over the rest of the family's feelings. She's also extremely curious about Mary going out alone with Robbie. When Mary tells her that she has a plan she wants to share with Robbie, Lucy asks her if it involves sex. She has a little trouble saying the word too, but at least she actually says it. She can't quite bring herself to say the word "condom," though, so she just makes some goofy faces and head gestures until Mary guesses what she means. Is that ever irritating! Instead of snarling that Lucy should mind her own business, Mary tries to defend herself to Lucy, saying that if Robbie has a condom, it's not because of her. She thinks about it for a bit and then adds that if Robbie was thinking about her that way, she wouldn't be upset. Lucy is aghast at this admission, even when Mary assures her that she would never do anything more than just kiss Robbie. Lucy says something about Mary seducing Robbie into her "wacky plan." I don't know what that means either, but I wish Lucy would just shut up.

In the CamKitchen, RevCam is sorting through the laundry in hopes of finding Simon's money so he can interrupt his date by bringing the money over to Sasha's. What the fuck? Dopey wants to join in the merriment also. Annie tries to rein in RevCam by telling him he can't interrupt Simon's evening, but Eric and Dopey are really involved in discussing the exciting wallet mystery, so they just ignore her. Mary and Robbie walk through on their way out to the Promenade. At least they pay Annie a little bit of attention when she brightly tells them to have a good time. Dopey offers to bring Simon the wallet, and once more Annie shoots down that moronic idea. Dopey gets all huffy and pretends that he was trying to be helpful, even though we all know that he's just sexually frustrated and has no life of his own. True to form, he sees Lucy as he's leaving and he informs her, sotto voce, that Simon lost his wallet. This causes Lucy to fall into a tizzy, and she follows Dopey upstairs so they can continue their fascinating discussion of the renegade condom. Annie wants to know what's going on. RevCam says that they will have to find out for themselves. Wow, a Camden family stalking mission! Fabulous! I should probably mix myself a drink now, so I'll be prepared.

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