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Down on the Promenade, Robbie has nixed Mary's "wacky plan" that he move to Buffalo with her. He halfheartedly asserts that it's too cold for him, which Mary claims "build character." Robbie shows what an annoying, sniveling Camden he's become when he tells her, "I'd rather build character while living in your parents' house." That must be more than a little weird for Mary to hear. She tells Robbie she'll never be returning to Glenoak permanently, and he freaks out. Mary says she likes Buffalo because she got a fresh start there, and people think she's responsible and trustworthy. Judging from the way no one trusts anyone in Glenoak, I'd have to say she's got a good point there. Robbie whines some more about how her family wouldn't trust him if he moved to Buffalo. Okay, maybe not, but he's dating Mary, not her family. Ugh, what a freak. I have to snicker when Mary tells him that if they try, they could have the kind of relationship that the CamRents have. Robbie keeps a straight face, though. He launches into some drivel about being responsible for his own life before he can be responsible for Mary's life. That's funny -- I just recently got married, and I don't recall anything in the marriage ceremony about my husband being responsible for me. Maybe if we'd had RevCam perform the ceremony, that lovely sentiment would have been in there. But don't let me distract you from the rest of Robbie's sob story. His mother took no responsibility -- boo hoo. His father was a jerk -- sniff! He may never be able to hold down a stable relationship because of that -- whatever. I'm sure all his issues will be tidily worked out when Alan Thicke performs his stellar turn as Robbie's dad in the next episode. Robbie quits whining long enough to ask Mary to help him find Simon. She looks annoyed that he's thinking of someone other than her. I think she had better get used to that.

I pause the tape long enough to freshen up my drink. I know I'm going to need it to watch those madcap Keystone Kamdens on their group stalk. Right now they're all speculating on whether Mary and Robbie will get married. SuperMom doesn't think they will, since they are so young and each has plenty of other things to accomplish before settling down. Huh. I'm a little perplexed at how an intelligent opinion got into this crapfest. It's probably just an anomaly, though.

The CamDorks arrive at Sasha's place, and Dopey gets the honour of performing the actual act of spying on Simon. He gets out of the car and runs up the driveway, totally overdoing the stealth bit. In the car, Annie wants to go on record as saying that she is opposed to "busting in on Simon's date." RevCam tries to tell her that she'll change her mind when she learns all the facts. Lucy backs him up, which upsets SuperMom, who doesn't want to be the only one who doesn't know what's going on. Ruthie claims not to know what's going on either, and she uncutely asks if it has to do with sex. RevCam appears rather upset by it all.

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