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Talk To Me

RevCam's scribbling away at something in his church office when a teenage girl enters. He jumps up and introduces himself and then fires friendly questions at this girl, to which she answers "I'm not sure" over and over again. She's wearing two coats and has makeup smeared under her eyes. This lets us know that she's a Troubled Youth. She tells Eric that she might come back to talk with him the next day. He drops his pencil on the floor and poof! she's gone.

Annie's playing with the twins in the nursery and they're looking at her like, "Why are you paying attention to us all of a sudden?" RevCam strolls in and starts his weekly inter-spousal homily. He thinks the Troubled Youth looked familiar. Annie suggests he scan Mary's yearbook, but he already did. Boy, they don't miss a trick at that Seminary for Stalkers, do they?

Mary, Simon, Lucy, and Ruthie come through the front door. Mary's saying she's looking forward to "doing nothing" this weekend. Ruthie is wearing a Paddington-Bear-ish hat as she asks why Mary's looking forward to that. Mary explains that she wants to stay out of trouble. Lucy says something about going to a baseball game because there'll be "lots of guys there." Still reading The Rules I see, Lucy. She has a bit of fringe razor-cut into her hair. It doesn't look good or anything, though. "Boys are trouble," says Mary. The CamRents haul the twins into the room. RevCam asks how their school day was. Ruthie says hers was "BOR-RING!" Eric remarks that he doesn't remember school being completely boring in his day. Ruthie tells him that's because he's too old to remember it at all. Baby, CRUNCH! Eric was so busted. He should put Ruthie up for adoption with that mess. Annie turns her cult smile onto Simon and asks how his day was. He's suspicious of her concern. Mary excuses herself to do homework and her siblings follow suit. They back out slowly. It's supposed to be funny but of course it's not. RevCam suspects something's going on. "When somebody doesn't want to talk, there's always a reason," says he. (Nosy Parkitus, 10:17.)

Upstairs, Lucy admonishes the other three. She knows that one of them must have misbehaved and that the CamRents know about it. She tells them to 'fess up. They each deny that they did anything. Mary's all defensive and loud. The Jazzy Piano of Comedy plays while Lucy says that everyone knows parents only ask about your day when they're setting you up to confess your misdeed.

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