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Talk To Me

Annie walks into the kitchen and asks Lucy if she knows Simon's friend Luke. Lucy shares her theory that there is no Luke and Simon's Luke stories are actually about himself. See, that's why I let my kids play video games: to discourage the creepy sort of psychic bonding that goes on when families are too moral and close-knit. Lucy suggests that Annie have Simon invite Luke over for dinner. Annie puts on a kettle for tea and asks about Lucy's work at Habitat for Humanity. The subject of a Loner Named Lisa Lunby comes up. Lisa used to be outgoing, but then she started acting strange, and blah, blah, blah. Although the scripting is incredibly subtle, I'm able to guess that Lisa is the Troubled Youth of RevCam's nosy desires. I also figure out that her trauma is sexual in nature. I know this because of the announcer's disclaimer at the beginning of the hour. This is a very special all-new 7th Heaven. Parents were asked to watch with their kids. So I know. It's about sex. Lucy's saying that Lisa Lunby gets weirder and weirder. Mary walks in and asks if they're talking about her. Lucy says, "No, Mary, I said 'weirder,' not 'more desperate for publicity.'" Just kidding, she didn't say that. Mary starts to defend Lisa L. Lucy jumps down her throat because Mary didn't work with her at Habitat like Lucy did. Mary passive-aggressifies and leaves the room. Annie does her frightening steely smile and remarks that Mary's more sensitive since she was arrested and all. Then Annie apologizes for not spending enough time with Lucy since Mary got busted. Lucy gets up and makes a little speech about what fabulous parents the Camdens are. She leaves. Her mom yells, "I thought we were going to talk!" in a way that fails to be funny. The unfunny tea kettle whistles, echoing Annie's shrill cry.

Lucy runs upstairs to dig in Lisa Lunby's business via Nosy Mary Parker. Mary pretends to be angry and yells, "End of conversation!" twice.

The sad clarinet takes us into a night scene of Lisa on a sidewalk bench. Uh, oh . . . she's wearing a knit cap now. She must really be in a bad way. Some teen guy walks up and gawks at Lisa. "Hey, I . . ." he says, smiling and gesturing towards her. "Get away!" she yells. "Get away from me now!" Yeah, really, buddy. Why don't you go stalk the girls at Flicks? Guess who's witnessing this scene from a nearby bookstore? It's Sgt. Michaels. "HEY!" he barks, running out to the bench. "I wasn't doing anything!" says the non-traumatized teen guy. Lisa tells the sergeant that everything's okay, that she just doesn't feel like being spoken to. Sgt. Michaels glares at her narrowly. She doesn't feel like talking? Call for back-up! He invites her to talk about what's troubling her. She angrily tells him that she's not homeless and she has ID and blah, blah. "The address is right on it," she says. Of course Sgt. Michaels memorizes said address so he can later snitch to RevCam, who is the secret Chief of Police in Glenoak, I think.

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