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Ruthie's still yakking about stinky Maryanne when Sgt. Michaels calls. RevCam, glad for the interruption, gets from him the name Lisa Lunby. (Illegal much?) He hears a sigh. It's Mary on the other extension. He tells her to hang up. She does, and then goes and meets her dad in the hall. She tells him that Lucy doesn't know anything about this. Annie comes out and immediately says, "What's going on? Does this have anything to do with Lisa Lunby?" The hell? How is it that every other week, these people have to beat a plot point into the ground, but today no one needs to explain anything? It's not even like the plot has so many action-packed twists and turns that we wouldn't notice, either. Mary explains her promise of confidentiality and RevCam is understanding. She leaves and Eric tells Annie, "It was my first guess." I can't remember what his first guess was, but it's okay because I don't care.

There are Chinese food take-out boxes all over the Bachelor Pad and the Bluesy Lighthearted Guitar is playing. Matt and John wake up and wonder where Hank is. He emerges from the bathroom in his suit and asks if they have any mousse. Matt claims they don't. I bet Matt doesn't have shampoo, either. Hank fumes that he's "having a bad hair day." He leaves for work and Matt wonders aloud what he's keeping from Julie. John just wants Matt to tell Hank to move out. Nice show of hospitality, John. I would definitely let my friend's uncle stay over for a few nights if he bought me lots of Chinese food. Shoot, I'd even spring for a can of mousse.

At the breakfast table, Simon tells Annie that Luke might not be free to dine with them, since he's so popular and all. Annie gives him the mean stare that she uses whenever she's not grinning like a coyote. Then Ruthie announces that she's inviting Maryanne over so that she can tell her she stinks. Annie gets mad for real, saying that Ruthie's not going to tell Maryanne anything. Ruthie asks if Maryanne can just come over anyway. She says maybe the smell will come up in conversation. Ruthie and Simon crack up. Annie doesn't think it's funny, and neither do I. It's just lame. RevCam passes through the kitchen, making veiled comments about his hoped-for meeting with Lisa. Annie follows him out to quench her nosiness. Simon and Ruthie make un-cute observations about the obviousness of their parents.

Matt answers his phone. It's Julie. "Can I please speak to my husband and the father of my child?" she asks, as if Matt's a stranger. He tells her, "They aren't here. May I take a message?" Okay, well, he didn't, but it would've been cool if he had. Aunt Julie acts passive-aggressive some more. Then she yells. Then she whimpers. Then she harps some more, begs more, and then thanks Matt happily. What a psycho. Matt tells John he's going to the hospital to talk to Hank on Julie's behalf. He leaves. The phone rings again. John answers and tells Julie that Matt just left. Then he says, "All right, now let's talk about this problem with yo' husband." Julie is surprised. I almost smiled at John's in-your-face approach to the Camden Tradition of Excellency in Nosiness.

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