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Talk To Me

Lisa Lunby shows up at RevCam's office again. Rev says her name and she asks if Mary ratted her out. He explains that she didn't. Lisa says she has "little explosions" when she feels that people are invading her space, hence her outburst on the street. Long story short: Lisa was raped by her mother's boyfriend. Her mom refuses to talk about it or let Lisa tell her brothers. RevCam calls it "molestation." He tells Lisa it wasn't her fault. All Lisa wants is to talk about it with her family, not her therapist or school counselor. The actress who plays Lisa does a decent-enough job with the dramatic lines she's given. RevCam grits that talking about what happened will take away the rapist's power. Then we see a Tresemme commercial.

We're almost done, y'all. Just hold tight. We're gonna see this train all the way to the station.

Luke does some schtick while playing basketball with an appreciative Simon. Luke then says that his brother's deaf and that's why he got into physical comedy. Simon blurts out that Matt's ex, Heather, is also deaf. The boys decide that Luke will teach Simon to sign. Good for them.

Mary goes into their room and tells Lucy, "Let's go!" Annie gave her "pizza money." Annie's cooking burgers for Ruthie, Simon, and friends, so Mary decided to have a sisterly talk with Lucy at the pizza place. Lucy's all paranoid. Mary thanks Lucy for being there to talk to throughout the year. Lucy hugs Mary and says, "I love you!" Mary returns the sentiment but asks her not to make a big deal about it. They decide that they'll talk about boys over their pizza. Ooh. I have indigestion already.

Matt goes into the kitchen (because he smelled the burgers from his apartment?) and tells Annie that Luke's funny. He starts to spill the beans about Hank's Jewishness, but Mary and Lucy yell from the other room that they're leaving. Then Matt breaks the news, but Annie already knew it. Matt asks how she knew. Annie relates that last December, Hank had called to ask Eric "what day Christmas Eve fell on." Then Rabbi Cohen ran into Annie somewhere and congratulated her on "getting a nice Jewish brother-in-law." Matt asks why they never mentioned it. Annie asks why they would. Ruthie and Maryanne run in. Ruthie introduces Matt. "You're very cute," Maryanne tells him. Poor, misguided kid. Matt thanks her. Then Maryanne says, "Too bad about New York . . . they have great meat there!" Matt sniffs around while Annie asks what the deal is with Maryanne's interest in meat. She says her grandmother's boyfriend is a butcher. The girls run off and Annie says, "It's mothballs and grandma stuff," before Matt can ask. Now I'm really confused about the meat. What the hell is so funny about it?

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