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Annie trots into SamVid's room and asks if she can play a game with them, since she'll be away from them for a few days. SamVid's like, "Who are you, strange woman?" Ruthie walks up, and SamVid say they'd rather play with her. Annie leaves to pack, because it's more important for her to fix broken relationships with her children AFTER they start than it is to prevent them from happening in the first place. SamVid accuse Ruthie of lying that the reason why she's staying home tonight is to spend time with them. It says a lot that even the extremely dense and slow SamVid can figure out how much their family doesn't like them. Well, they'll always have each other.

RevCam's in the CamBoudoir, reading a book. He seems fascinated by its contents, as if he were reading them for the first time. This leads me to believe that he's reading the Bible. Annie runs in and starts throwing stuff into a suitcase. RevCam's all, "Hey, Annster! Did you know that we're supposed to 'love thy neighbor'? I've been doing it wrong all this time!" Annie asks RevCam several times if he's okay with her going to New York, because it looks like something is bothering him. "Everything is fine," RevCam says, adding a rather menacing "or it will be." Then he stares forward, thinking about how much easier controlling his family will be once he kills off the troublesome Simon and Mary.

Martin finds Mac on the Promenade. Mac is all disappointed that Ruthie isn't with him. Martin says Ruthie didn't want to come, and she has a boyfriend anyway. Mac says he just saw Ruthie's boyfriend with some other girl. WHAT?!?! And I thought Vincent and Ruthie's relationship was so functional and perfect! How COULD this happen? Martin tells Mac he will not be friends with him if he dates Ruthie. Mac accuses Martin of liking Ruthie. Martin denies it. This little three-way action Mac, Martin, and Ruthie are involved in is a lot more gross than it is cute, which I believe was its intended effect. Suddenly, Vincent walks by with a blonde girl. He sees Martin and Mac and looks very guilty. He tells his date to hang out by herself for a minute, and walks over to Mac and Martin. He says he knows this looks bad, but he asked Ruthie out and she made some lame excuse about needing to stay in the CamPound, so he asked someone else out. Martin says Vincent should be more considerate of the personal crisis that is preventing Ruthie from going out with him tonight. Vincent accuses Martin and Mac of having a crush on Ruthie, then freaks out about Ruthie's personal crisis and what it could be. Martin tells Vincent about how Kirstie Alley is fat.

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