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In the CamKitchen, Annie is folding laundry when Robbie walks in. She tells him that Ruthie would like him to stop calling her "Snookie." She also explains Lucy's theory that "Snookie" is a synonym for "sneaky." Somehow this all ends with Annie hugging Robbie and crying because she loves him. Damn, I can't wait until they drop this menopause story.

Cheryl calls Dopey at the clinic. The nurse who started up that super-fresh Hot Lips nickname hands him the phone. Cheryl has something to tell him that is "kind of embarrassing." Is it that she's playing a doormat of a character who's dating a dork on a bad television show? No, although I'm sure that is embarrassing. Her problem: "My mom and her boyfriend used to always call me 'Blondie' and make jokes about how stupid I was." Jeez, couldn't she have prepared a problem for this week's show that didn't have to do with teasing? How about a really bad urinary tract infection? (Feel free to use that idea next week, writers!) Cheryl is going to school to prove something to herself, but she's afraid of failure. She says, "If I fail, then that really is proof that I'm a dumb blonde." Actually, Cheryl, my guess is that you're only one of those things. Isn't the fact that you're dating Dopey proof enough? The Dopester offers up some platitudes, including this gem: "If you knew everything, then you wouldn't need to learn anything." Um, thanks, Matt, I…think.

Robbie goes up to the girls' bedroom to talk to Ruthie, but she has the good sense to leave. He stays to chat it up with Lucy, finding out that she is upset about Ruthie calling her "Lady Liberty." Okay, Lucy, so it's an inane nickname, but just do what everybody else in the world does to Ruthie and ignore her. Really, it's not so hard. SuperMom has been eavesdropping by the door, though she pretends not to have heard anything. She sternly sends Robbie downstairs to talk to Ruthie, then glares at her daughter until Lucy gives in and tells her why she and Jeremy split. It had to do with his family -- are you ready? -- "teasing [her] relentlessly about being a goody two-shoes." And I'll bet you thought it would have nothing to do with teasing. Seems no one on this show is even remotely capable of coming up with a good insult, and Jeremy's family is no exception. They used to call her "Mother Teresa." This would be a far better story if Lucy focused on her hurt over the teasing in general, rather than the fact that the nickname is not accurate, since Lucy hasn't done even a fraction of the good deeds Mother Teresa performed. Isn't she kind of missing the point? I actually do feel bad for her, though, because even though she is sappy and has really bad judgment, I do like her a little. It's just that I appreciated her more when she was taking Ruthie down a peg or two. In any case, she liked Jeremy's family, even though they -- gasp! -- smoked pot and drank alcohol and threw a lot of parties. They didn't like her, though, and so they kicked her out. Part of me feels bad for her, but the evil part of me wants to laugh. I manage to restrain myself, even when Lucy says, "It's hardly a Camden world out there." You mean not everyone is a judgmental stalker with bad parenting skills? Amen to that!

Wilson calls Mary, who doesn't want to pick up the phone at first. She gives in, though, and yells at him for advising her to showcase her uncomedic talents at her interview, since her nonstop joking made the employer think she didn't take the job seriously. Well, duh, Mary. I told you not to listen to anything Wilson says. And what is up with his coif? It looks like the stylist threw a bunch of gel on his hair, gave his head a rough toweling, and sent him out in front of the cameras. Honestly, he's not a bad-looking guy, but this 'do makes his head look like a toilet brush.

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