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Robbie looks for Ruthie in the kitchen but can't find her. That's because she's been hiding inside the window seat. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Robbie tries to explain that he doesn't think she's sneaky, even though we all know better. Ruthie's convinced by his blather, though, and she forgives both Robbie and Lucy, who notes, "We're all a little sneaky around here." No shit. A group hug is shared by all.

RevCam and Simon walk into the CamKitchen. Simon goes upstairs, and Annie starts crying and hugging RevCam. When RevCam tells her that Simon is "going to speak to the social studies classes…about changing the world," Annie bursts into a fresh shower of tears. I thought there was nothing left in my stomach by now, but I was wrong.

Ooh, it's time for Simon's soliloquy! It's pretty standard stuff, although I do perk up when he offers this platitude: "You know, that's a pretty weird concept. Someone calls you a name, so you kill them?" Uh, yeah, Simon, that is pretty "weird," but thanks for pointing it out anyway. When speaking of "name-callers," Simon delivers my favourite frantic line: "Like a pack, they engage others in their hunt to search and destroy the already vulnerable students." All in all, though, his speech is fairly well written. I genuinely like the line, "I think it's time for the mean and the cruel to be silenced by our insistence, before they, or any of us, are silenced by a gun." Simon's speech carries on in voice-over while Mick, in the company of RevCam, two police officers, and two people whom I can only assume are the town gossips opens his locker to reveal that he did indeed have a gun in there. You know, I really couldn't come up with a better ending for this episode. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually going to drink a toast to Brenda Hampton with my post-recap half glass of wine. Nicely done.

So I don't think we'll be seeing Mick around Glenoak anymore. But something tells me Mary may be getting a new roommate at the Colonel's.

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