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Annie changes the subject, thank goodness, to quiz Dopey about why Cheryl is driving his car around. She claims Dopey's insurance doesn't cover Cheryl as a driver. That's right, Annie, and that would be because Cheryl's car insurance covers her when she is a driver in someone else's car. That's how it works here, anyway. Now, I do realize that laws may work differently in California than Ontario, but past experience has shown me that, when dealing with 7th Heaven, it's safe to assume that the writers' take on matters legal is liable to be wildly inaccurate. Simon explains that Cheryl needed to drive to school, since she's now taking a class. Robbie greets this news with derisive laughter. Nice. RevCam tries to get the whole CamClan to settle down in front of their guest, but Simon's already too wound up. He goes off on a diatribe, demanding, "What is wrong with everyone? What's with all the teasing and the name-calling?" He storms off, and RevCam follows. Annie and Chandler's Mom give each other extremely fake smiles.

As RevCam is trying to catch up with Simon, the phone rings. Torn between wanting to talk to his son and hoping that this is the call he's been expecting from The Shopping Network about all the special night-stalking gear he ordered, RevCam elects to answer the phone. Unfortunately, the caller is just looking for Simon. RevCam walks into Simon's room with the cordless phone. Simon rudely grunts, "What?" Maybe he's morose because nobody gave him a nickname. Come on, Simon, cheer up! We can fix that. What would you prefer? "Simple Simon"? "Slime-on"? How about "Semen"? RevCam hands over the phone and stays to eavesdrop. I'll bet you're as surprised as I am to find out that the caller is Mick, Tormented Boy, whom Simon defended earlier. Mick is calling to thank Simon for his help, which Simon graciously acknowledges before taking a moment from the call to tell RevCam to scram. When Simon says that the tormentors were "losers," Mick agrees, adding, "That's why I'm going to blow them away." He says this in a conversational tone, as though he were mentioning a trip to the mall. I know that people who kill people don't necessarily sound crazy all the time, but I'm having a hard time accepting Mick as a potential killer, and I guess I'll just have to blame the acting for that. Simon has to take this revelation seriously, though, so he tries to talk Mick out of this plan -- even though, as you may recall, the whole shooting-people thing was originally Simon's idea anyway. When Simon very reasonably explains, "Shooting people won't solve your problems," Mick sarcastically replies, "Yeah, I should just let all their teasing roll off my back. That'll work." Well, Mick, actually, it will, though I know you're still a little young to see that. After promising that Simon won't get hurt, Mick hangs up. Of course, he doesn't say goodbye, though I'm a little less inclined to berate him for that when he's, you know, planning on killing a bunch of people.

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