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No wonder Simon's looking morose and picking at his dinner while RevCam grills him about his bad mood. Evidently, Simon is not ready to share what he found out with Eric, and who can blame him? RevCam's not the easiest, least-judgmental guy to talk to. Simon's trying to play it off like he's just upset about having got on the wrong bus before, but RevCam -- employing his amazing psychic stalking powers -- comes up with this fabulous run-on sentence: "Simon, my gut tells me that you got on the wrong bus because you weren't paying attention, because you were already upset about something, and that something had to do with someone teasing someone, since that was the subject of your speech at dinner." Simon understands enough of that to be able to refute it. He asks RevCam to leave. That he asks this in a rude manner is about all I would expect of him.

With the meddlesome Eric out of the room, Simon picks up the phone and calls Sergeant Michaels. I'm surprised he's not using the secure red phone in RevCam's office. Nevertheless, Sergeant Michaels jumps to take the call. Simon says, "Look, I have a serious problem, and I'd talk to my dad about it, but the last time I had a serious problem like this, he nearly got killed." Sergeant Michaels sighs, probably remembering how close he'd come to getting out from under RevCam's thumb that time Eric nearly got killed.

Mary's lying in bed when slack-jawed Billy Campbell-wannabe Wilson calls her. He apologizes for calling so late, claiming that he was "working on the annual report." I think he means the Daily Jumble, but since it takes him a year to complete it, he doesn't realize there's a new one in the paper every day. As Dabney pointed out, Wilson is wearing a super-shiny tie with three little diamonds on it. Hey, is that swanky or what? He laughs at Mary for setting the curtains on fire, then tries to convince her that a sense of humour will be her best asset during her job interview with the fire department tomorrow. Mary has a little trouble following his line of reasoning, and so do I, but it turns out he means that, in the firehouse, she will be "the only woman surrounded by a bunch of guys, and guys like to kid around." What drivel. If Mary were smart, she would do exactly the opposite of everything Wilson ever tells her to do. But she's not, so she just tells him she loves him and accepts his good wishes for her interview -- despite the fact that he has not only not calmed her down, but has now given her another thing to worry about: being harassed by those teasing firefighters. Wilson is such a tool.

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