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RevCam finds PC in the kitchen, where she's been put to work on the gourd candles, mainly because if she sits behind a ridiculously tall table, you can't see her pregnant stomach. "Look at me. I'm making candles out of squash," PC rasps, not too excited. She lies that she is having a good time and she's sorry they can't be there next week. RevCam wonders if perhaps PC's horrible parents would like to attend a Camden Thanksgiving, and seeing how well things went over the last time Annie cooked for the Glasses, you can't really blame them for making damn sure they won't be anywhere near the Camdens during Thanksgiving. They'll be in New York, having Thanksgiving with PC and Matt, even though I thought they were supposed to be working that whole day.

Annie's in the CamBoudoir with Matt. "I got so carried away making the candles this morning I forgot to make the bed!" she shrieks, like, uh oh, the whole world's going to shit because Annie's sheets were rumpled for half a day. Annie tells Matt about how she spoke to his "very understanding and very nice" Dean. "Mom," Matt begins carefully, "you shouldn't have done that." It turns out that the Dean gave Matt and PC Thursday off, but Matt says he only did that because he thought there was a family emergency, and that Matt already gave him that excuse to get out of working this weekend. Well, seeing as his mother is completely INSANE, I'd say that both of those times are bona fide family emergencies. Matt continues that medical school is ridiculously competitive, and any mistake he makes, like taking weekends off for "family emergencies," will be noticed and counted against him. "Oh Matty, Matty, Matty," says Crazy Annie, "don't let the pressure get to you!" Matt finally asks his mother when she became so insane about the holidays. Annie says that when she didn't insist that her children be around for Thanksgiving, no one came, so this time she is insisting, and she got Matt and PC the time off, so she doesn't see a problem. Matt looks at her like, "Bitch be crazy." "I NEED YOU HERE!" Annie shouts, then hugs her son, and then runs out of the room. Where does she think she's going? The bed still isn't made!

It's glue-gun time at the Treehouse of Lurv. I have to say, I have never used a glue-gun and not burned the crap out of myself, but Lucy seems to be doing well. Maybe the Valium her psychiatrist prescribed has steadied her hand. Lucy says the walnuts aren't working for her crafts, so she's going to ask Annie what to do. And she can't wait to tell Annie about how she's doing dinner this year, but Kevin stops her. He makes up excuses as to why Lucy can't see Annie now, and Lucy asks him if there's anything wrong. "You're acting strange," she says, like maybe Lucy looked in a mirror to get that judgment. Kevin asks if Lucy really wants to do Thanksgiving, since she's so busy with babychurchschool. Oh, are we still supposed to care about the "Lucy has a lot to do" subplot? Because I never did before, so I certainly don't now. Lucy stares at Kevin with her eyes half-closed and her mouth half-open, because Valium can be wonderful, as Kevin points out that their garage apartment doesn't exactly have the kitchen facilities one would need to make such a large meal. Or any kind of meal, if Lucy and Kevin's eating habits are any indication. Lucy says she can handle everything, and demands to know what Kevin is hiding.

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