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RevCam sits down next to Annie. He asks her why, if she was so obsessed with having her family together for the holidays, she didn't invite Ginger over. Or, for that matter, Lilly, although no one mentions her. Actually, where are Aunt Julie and Uncle Hank going for the holidays? Not that I actually want to see either of them, but it's a little weird they don't get a mention in this episode. Annie slowly says that inviting Ginger would remind her that her father is dead. She starts to cry and says she can't get over her father's death. "The death of a parent isn't something you get over, it's just something you learn to live with," says RevCam -- both of whose parents, I'd like to add, are alive. ["And what I wouldn't give for a dose of THE COLONEL right now." -- Sars] Annie says that she thought if the whole family was there, she wouldn't notice that her dad wasn't. RevCam hugs her and says everything will be okay, while Martin spies on them from behind a wall.

Martin walks into the CamBoudoir, where Annie is sewing something. He asks if she has a minute and she invites him in. Annie tells Martin that it's okay if he goes camping during Thanksgiving; she'd rather have him with them, but she claims to understand. "I don't know if you do understand," Martin says. He takes a picture out of his wallet of a young Martin hugging a woman. It's his mother, and if they used Tyler Hoechlin's actual mother as Martin's dead mother, that is all kinds of wrong. Martin says the picture was taken before his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and that Thanksgiving was the last one they all had together. Martin says the Camdens must be rubbing off on him, because he was totally spying on Annie and RevCam before and he wants her to know that he knows what it's like to lose a parent. "Sometimes it's downright painful," he says, and all he has left of his mother are "a few photos." Was she alive at the turn of the century or something? A "few" photos? Maybe Martin's mom is like my mother, who doesn't like to be in photographs, leaving us with plenty of pictures of the back of her leg as she runs out of frame. Martin says that the holidays make him miss his mother, and then his father and aunt. He tells Annie that he's always available to talk to her if she wants. She gives him a hug, and I totally started to cry even though Tyler Hoechlin didn't do this scene very well at all, because this year will be the first one I don't spend with my family and Brenda Hampton knew that when she wrote this episode, that BITCH.

RevCam meets Martin in the hallway and they exchange nods. I guess RevCam put Martin up to this? But then what was the point of showing Martin spying on them?

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