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Credits. Seeeaa-venth heaven! When I see their happy faces, smilin' back at me...seeeaa-venth heaven! Where can you goooooo! When the world don't treat you right? The answer is hoooome! Mmmm! Seeeaa-venth heaven! Woof!

CamPound. The twins, unsupervised, play in their playroom. Happy looks huge next to them. They shake their identical piggy banks and count the change therein. It's not a lot. They look round the corner, then haul tiny ass to their parent's room. Then they steal all the money from off the dresser and out of pants pockets. The guitar goes off. Ooh, harmonics.

Kitchen. Lucy, still glowing, stands by her KevBot as he hands over a check to help pay for the damaged roof. Eric takes it, pauses, then says he thanks him, and the "church roof thanks [him]." Then Kevin and Lucy suck face. Oh god, was she a tight-assed wizened apple witch doll this whole time because she wasn't getting laid? News flash: You don't have to get married to have sex. Seriously! Annie and Eric walk away with the smooching still going on behind them. Barf.

Ew, it's Ruthie. She asks the smooching duo to knock it off. Sometimes, Ruthie ain't so bad. There's a knock on the door, and Lucy and Kevin continue to suck face. Ruthie gets her sourpuss on, and answers it herself. It's Roxanne and Chandler, sucking face. Gross. Roxanne laughs in Ruthie's pinched little puss, and says she "just made a donation to the church." Oh, is that what they're calling it these days? Ruthie says she's going over to Peter and his single mom's house for breakfast and a ride to school, since "she won't be making out with anyone while I eat." Lucy hugs Kevin goodbye, and hugs Roxanne too. Then, Lucy and Roxanne start making out. Just kidding. Go into the fanfic part of the board if you're into that sort of thing. Lucy then grabs Chandler...Hampton and tells him how great and "wonderful" it is to be married. Yeah, we get it. You're getting laid now, everything is "wonderful." Too bad we all had to suffer through every moment before that.

Simon sidles into the kitchen, startling Chandler...Hampton. Simon waggles his ginormous brows at RevLite and tells him he's in for it regarding this whole fundraising thing. Apparently, it makes people loco. Plumb loco. Chandler looks, well, like he always does. Befuddled, clueless, like he wishes he weren't there. The twins smile evilly at him.

Peter walks right by Ruthie on the sidewalk. She swivels and says she was just going to his house to mooch. He says flatly that she doesn't want to be at his house right now. Why? Because his "mom's date slept over last night." And Peter "hate[s] him." Date is a new neighbor, and "they stayed up all night talking." Then a silver sports car pulls up. The driver is Date. He offers Peter a ride to school. Peter refuses. Well, how about a "talk" tonight? You know: "Man to man." Date says it with a sneer in his voice. Peter says nothing, and Date drives off saying, "See you tonight!" Peter is less than thrilled.

CamPound. Eric walks into the kitchen and sees Chandler, who says he's "gassed up the car" and is all ready to go. Eric laughs at Chandler's naive fundraising enthusiasm. Fundraising, like war, is hell.

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