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Incestual Healing

Nighttime at Pete's Pizza. I never noticed this before, but the sign for Pete's Pizza, which prominently features a fat, mustachioed, rather demonic-looking Italian man holding a pizza aloft, is really offensive. Maybe those Italian groups that complained about The Sopranos should concentrate their efforts on even more destructive images of their ethnicity. Peter and Vic are having dinner, and Peter is nattering on about some upcoming school project which isn't due for a week, and for which he already knows he can get an extension, but that he's already started on, just like the dork he is. Although maybe I would get started on project early if my school assigned as many as this poor kid gets. Peter asks Vic if he's paying attention. "Honestly? No," says Vic. Damn, Vic -- I know how awful it can be to have to listen to Peter for any extended length of time, but he is your son, and you are trying to make up for being absent from his life in the past three years. So try a little harder, Vic. Off-camera, though, because Peter's not my son and I'm not the one who abandoned him, so I would really rather not have to watch. Thanks! Vic decides to change the subject to himself, and how he wants to take Paris out to dinner tonight. He asks for Peter's help; Peter agrees to give it, provided that Vic promises not to hurt Paris again, and that he doesn't "expect miracles." "You sure are a confidence-builder," Vic says, apparently forgetting how helpful his little inattentive father act must be in building his son's self-esteem.

Matt is sitting in a moving vehicle. Wow, he looks terrible. He's all unshaven and greasy and gross. His cell phone rings, and oh holy god please do not let this be another episode devoted to Matt's inability to use a cell phone. Ruthie's on the other end, calling on the Lame Clear Phone to remind Matt that tomorrow is his second wedding anniversary -- the one that only she, Matt, and PC know about. Matt says he did remember and made plans to that effect -- he's flying home to celebrate it with Ruthie. Um…huh. You know, I'm just going to leave that one alone. It's probably best not to question what we do not/cannot/would never, ever want to understand. Matt tells Ruthie not to tell anyone else in the family that he's in town, and that he'll be staying with the Glasses. Hopefully, they will remain both unseen and unheard, but I never have that kind of luck. Ruthie agrees to sneak out of the house and meet up with him tomorrow night.

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