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Incestual Healing

Lucy and Kevin are in bed, separated by a pillow, hands clutched tightly at their sides, and dressed from head to toe. What are they, premarital co-habitators? Kevin asks Lucy why she got all crazy about Matt being back in town; Lucy says that Matt's marital troubles made her nervous about her own marriage. Kevin sets her straight by saying that they'll be together forever. Together, yet still observing the two-feet-of-distance rule, forever. Lucy apologizes for being "kind of nuts" today. Kevin says she's "kind of nuts all the time." They pillow-fight chastely.

At the pool hall, Vic is staring at a shot. The bartender asks if he can get him anything else; Vic says he'd like to be left alone. The pool hall guy is all, "I am not accustomed to being asked to mind my own business in this town!" and leaves. Paris comes in and calls Vic a "big, fat liar." Geez, Paris, the guy has enough problems with the whole alcoholism thing; he doesn't need you giving him any weight issues too. Paris says that she knows that Vic was going to propose to her, and that he shouldn't because he doesn't really want to marry her; he doesn't even know her. They are both different people than they were when they were married before. Vic says he knows Paris doesn't love him, but he wants to be with her and Peter again, and with Chandler around, he felt the need to hurry things along before he lost her again. Paris says that because they have a child together, they will always be a part of each other's life. But she won't marry him just to keep him from drinking; he has to do that on his own. Vic asks her to "leave the door open" for them. She says she'll leave it "unlocked." Dumb move, Paris; now Martin and Asslee are going to come in and eat all your food. Vic says he'll take whatever he can get. Paris says she'll drop him off at the nearest AA meeting and go home. Vic makes out with her. She smiles and rolls her eyes. Way to give out mixed signals, Paris. Vic pays the bartender and leaves without drinking.

Next week, Martin and Asslee may be engaged, and Annie's dad is definitely, finally, dead. Which means that, on top of missing my mother from this episode, I can spend the next one missing my dad as well. Thanks, 7th Heaven.

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