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The Babysitter’s Seduction

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RevCam's Secret Past

Felicity runs by RevCam's secretary and bursts into his office. She tells RevCam that she can't work for him anymore, now that his wife got murdered. RevCam says that Clair is the only person who thinks that Sally was murdered, while everyone else knows that she killed herself. Felicity totally buys it. RevCam gives her a hug. Felicity wonders why Clair would think that Sally was murdered. RevCam says it's probably because she can't believe that someone who had everything would kill herself. Or because SHE HAS EVIDENCE. "As for quitting," RevCam says, "I won't allow it." Felicity smiles as if what he just said was charming. He asks her to make dinner tonight, and then they can eat and talk when he gets home from work and the kids are in bed. How romantic and seductive of him to ask her to make him some dinner. Felicity leaves, and RevCam asks his secretary to get a woman named "Diane Watts" on the phone.

Later that night, Felicity has set RevCam's table for two and is putting the finishing touches on dinner. RevCam comes in and looks surprised, then says he forgot that he was having dinner with her tonight. A blonde lady walks in behind him, and he introduces Diane to Felicity. What was that about? I don't know.

Some time later, Felicity is lying on RevCam's bed, staring at the most awkwardly posed family photo ever -- RevCam and Sally are each holding a child and their backs are to each other. It's very symbolic. Felicity wanders into Sally's walk-in closet and takes that ugly, expensive dress off the hanger. Then she opens a jewelry box and puts on a diamond necklace. Suddenly, we see her reflection in a mirror, and she's wearing the dress and the necklace. She admires herself for a while. RevCam comes up behind her and watches, until Felicity realizes he's there and turns around, startled. Considering that even we at home could see RevCam approaching in the mirror, as well as hear his footsteps, it makes no sense that she didn't know he was there. She starts apologizing to RevCam, but there's really not much one can say to make things better in this particular situation. RevCam tells her she looks beautiful, and he's the one who's sorry, for hurting her tonight. Then they make out. Ew. Ew. EW! There are all these dissolves and it's so nasty and then RevCam pushes her up against the wall and runs his fingers through her gigantic hair. Then he pulls away and says that he already made one mistake tonight and he doesn't wants to make another one. I'd say the second mistake was made the second RevCam started kissing his babysitter, but apparently not.

RevCam is on the phone with Frank. He tells him that he just caught Felicity going through Sally's stuff and wearing one of her dresses. "Aw, man!" Frank says, sounding more than a little bit jealous that he wasn't there to see it. He thanks RevCam for calling him, because now he has more fuel for his masturbation fantasies.

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