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The Babysitter’s Seduction

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RevCam's Secret Past

Clair asks RevCam about his marriage. RevCam says he and Sally were "happier than most." Clair says the neighbors heard them fighting a lot, especially lately. RevCam says that Sally had been acting odd and having mood swings, which he now thinks were caused by the anti-depressants. He says that married people do fight occasionally in the real world. "But they don't all take lovers," says Clair, thinking she's in a Jane Austen novel. She asks RevCam if he killed his wife because she found a new man. "Yeah, that was totally the reason -- d'oh! Clair, you tricked me!" says RevCam. Actually, no, he just asks her if she's done because he has a lot of work to do.

Felicity finishes an interview with a potential housekeeper, who addresses her as "Mrs. Bartrand." RevCam's daughter overhears, and gets upset that Felicity is letting people think she's her mother. Felicity sits the girl down on the couch and tells her that it's hard to explain. Fortunately, the girl has other questions, like where is the guy Felicity was supposed to interview. Felicity looks alarmed.

Paul's in RevCam's home office, modeming some information over to his houseboat computer. Felicity comes in and asks Paul what he's doing. Paul tries to pretend he's an interviewee for the maid position and was just looking around to see how much cleaning he would have to do, but Felicity starts to reach for the phone to call the police. Paul starts telling the truth; he was Sally's lover and he's trying to prove that RevCam killed her. Felicity screams at him to get out of the house.

RevCam is yelling at Frank over the phone that he wants a restraining order on Paul right away. Felicity listens from a nearby room. RevCam does some more shouting, then hangs up the phone. Right before he does, we see that his finger was on the hook this whole time; he was only pretending to talk to Frank and get a restraining order. The plot, it thickens. RevCam walks over to Felicity and puts on a manly display of aggression by punching the wall. Felicity asks RevCam if Sally really did kill herself. RevCam says that the police don't think so anymore. Felicity doesn't understand why Paul would say that RevCam did it, or what he was looking for on RevCam's computer. RevCam says he doesn't know either; the computer was Sally's and there wasn't much on it, since she never learned how to use it. Because it's 1985, when most people didn't use computers. RevCam says Frank just told him that Paul killed Sally, and the police will be arresting him soon. RevCam offers to let Felicity stay at his house so he can take care of her. Felicity says that sounds just great.

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