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RevCam's Secret Past

At The Mansion on the Wrong Side of the tracks, Felicity is sitting on a picturesque hanging tree swing in her backyard. Tracy walks up and asks Felicity what her big secret is. Felicity shows her the necklace; Tracy's pretty excited about it. Then Felicity says that RevCam told her he was falling in love with her. At this, Tracy's happy face hilariously twists into a grossed-out one. She points out that RevCam is hella old. Then she asks Felicity if she's sleeping with him. Felicity lies that she isn't. Tracy asks her if she's just doing this because he's rich. Felicity says that Tracy just doesn't understand their love. Tracy points out that Felicity was the one who called her over. Felicity says she's sorry that she did, and she has to get ready for work. Tracy frowns, then yells at Felicity that she's sick of her acting like she's better than everyone else. Felicity's all, "I have responsibilities." Tracy accuses her of playing house, and tells her to stop expecting her friends to get excited about her relationship with her boss, which Tracy thinks is both weird and creepy -- as does Bardo. I think Bardo needs to find himself another girlfriend.

Frank pulls up in the school parking lot and looks around. Go, Frank.

Felicity enters a school bathroom, where Tracy is brushing her hair. Felicity asks her why she told Bardo about her new necklace. Tracy says it just slipped out, and apologizes half-heartedly. Then she leaves. Felicity makes a "no she di'int!" face and storms out after her. In the hall, Tracy tells Felicity that she acts like she's "way too mature [pronounced 'ma-too-er']" for her, what with all her responsibilities and cars and children and necklaces. Felicity accuses her of being jealous, and says that RevCam is the only person who treats her like an adult. Tracy Peter Pans that adults are old and boring, and who wants to be like that? Okay, but isn't Tracy a senior in high school, and thus either eighteen or close to it?

Frank exits the school with a lady who looks like a teacher. She's wearing a short-sleeved shirt, too. Ugh. She points out Tracy to Frank, and he thanks her.

Now Frank's at a pool, where RevCam's kids are swimming and Felicity is again "watching" them with her chaise lounge positioned away from the pool. Frank greets her and makes a snide remark about how she, the kids, and RevCam are becoming a family. While eating something out of a paper bag (class-ay!), he starts insinuating that Felicity's life has improved tremendously ever since Sally died. He says that Tracy told him that Felicity is in love with RevCam, which is kind of suspicious. Then he leaves, because questioning suspects and then leaving before getting any useful information out of them is good police procedure.

Felicity's doing homework in her bedroom in The Mansion on the Wrong Side of the Tracks. Her mom puts some clothes on a chair and tells her to put them away. Then Mom notices that Felicity has a new necklace. Felicity says that RevCam gave it to her, and Mom says that this is completely out of line, and she'll be returning the necklace to RevCam. I hope she can find time in her busy haggard working mom schedule!

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