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RevCam's Secret Past

Felicity and her mother are shopping for homecoming dresses. Mom offers to buy Felicity some ugly black shoes that she claims will go perfectly with Felicity's blue dress. A saleslady walks by, wearing a tiny yellow dress underneath an oversized white blazer. Not only was this movie written in 1985, but it also seems to have been shot then, too. Felicity asks Mom if she can stay at Tracy's for homecoming weekend. Mom is so glad that Felicity won't be babysitting that she agrees.

Back at home, Felicity is arranging her new dress and shoes on her bed and looking sad. Clair -- hi, Clair! Haven't seen you in a while! (SPCCC: 9) -- drives up, and Felicity meets her outside. Apparently, Felicity asked Clair to ask Frank to stop bothering her. Clair reports that Frank thinks that Felicity murdered Sally, and that RevCam has been telling him all kinds of things, like that Felicity stole Sally's necklace -- the very necklace that currently adorns Felicity's neck. Smart, Felicity -- wear the necklace your mother forbid you to have around your house. RevCam also told Frank that Felicity threw out all of his wife's stuff. Felicity says that Frank must be lying, because he hates her for not being Sally. Clair sets her straight: Frank is a good cop (well, compared to a certain detective who walks around disclosing confidential case information ahem Clair ahem) and isn't in the habit of framing teenage girls for murders just because he doesn't like them. RevCam, however, might be a different story. Felicity opens her mouth and looks around. This prompts Clair to ask her if she's sleeping with RevCam. Felicity doesn't answer. "Fe-li-city," Clair says, sounding like a disappointed mother. Clair and Felicity then stand around for a while, waiting for the scene to end.

RevCam comes home and looks for his girlfriend.

Pushing a mute lawnmower (a miracle of science!) around the backyard, Jeff yells at Felicity to answer the phone. She can't, because she's too busy sitting on her tree swing and looking sad. She asks Jeff where their mother is; she called her over an hour ago. Jeff does not comment on how that was probably their mother who just tried to call. Instead he says that Mom's at "some training thing."

On her way into the police station, Clair (SPCCC: 10) walks into RevCam, who's on his way out. He says he came to see her; Frank told him to tell her if he was leaving town. He's going to Tampa for a few days. He also heard that there's a missing persons report on Paul Richards, and asks Clair to keep him updated on it. Clair responds sarcastically to everything he says. RevCam's cell phone rings, and he walks away to talk on it. Clair turns around and asks him if that cell phone is the same one he called his house on the day Sally was murdered. RevCam says it is. Clair smiles smugly and wishes RevCam a nice trip. RevCam walks away, and then has a flashback to earlier in the movie, when he gave his cell phone to Sally to make dinner plans with the family friends. Then he flashes back to after he shot her in the face, when his cell phone rang and startled him.

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