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The Babysitter’s Seduction

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RevCam's Secret Past

Felicity knocks on a door. Tracy answers, all dressed up. Felicity looks at her, then remembers that Homecoming is tonight. Felicity asks Tracy why Frank thought that her necklace was stolen. Tracy says that RevCam told him it was missing. Felicity looks upset, and Tracy asks her if she's finally wising up about her employer. Felicity asks Tracy if she told Frank that Felicity had the necklace. Tracy says it just kind of slipped out. Felicity tells Tracy that she looks amazing, and she's sorry. For being "such a major bitch?" Tracy asks. Don't push it, Tracy. They hug, and we hear a car door slam. It's Bardo, dressed in a tuxedo. Man, they went all out for Homecoming in 1985. My dates just wore regular suits, although I may not be the best judge, since my Homecoming memories are less than happy. Like the time my boyfriend dumped me at the dance because I wanted to go to a motel party. Now he gets to re-live Homecoming over and over again because he's dating a girl who's still in high school. Oh, and he also wrote "slut" all over my car in the school parking lot, which didn't even make sense since another reason why he dumped me was because I never wanted to do anything intimate with him because I found him unattractive. Yes, it was a fabulous relationship indeed. That month we spent together was just magical. Anyway, back to this stupid movie. Tracy tells Felicity that she and Bardo are just going "as friends," since his date also "blew him off." "How stupid was she?" Felicity says. Oh, silly Felicity -- they meant you! Also, why are Bardo and Felicity still dating when Felicity is doing RevCam?

RevCam knocks on a door. Jeff answers. RevCam asks him if Felicity is there. Suspenseful synthesized drums play, just like they do in "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.

Felicity calls someone on her hot car phone, begging that no one answers it. That doesn't make any sense.

She enters RevCam's house and calls for him. He doesn't answer. She runs into his office and turns on the computer, then gets ready to do some serious modeming. She doesn't have much luck searching RevCam's computer, probably because all she does is run the cursor over the menu bar a few times and repeatedly push keys that make the error sound. Eventually, RevCam sneaks up behind her and tells her that she smells good. Then he gets her into his "Cheater's File" and asks her if that's what she was looking for. "You killed her!" Felicity says. "Well, of course I did," says RevCam. Congratulations, Felicity! You just signed your own death certificate! RevCam grabs Felicity and throws her on his desk. Then he flips her over and reaches up her skirt. Oh, god. I…don't think I'm strong enough for this. It looks like this is the end of my recapping career. Oh, it turns out that RevCam was just trying to get Felicity's pantyhose off so he could tie her hands behind her back with them. Phew! I can throw out my resignation letter to Sars. He tells Felicity, who's spent this whole time crying and whining instead of trying to escape, that she was the best babysitter he ever had, and it's going to be tough to replace her. He walks her out of the office and tosses her into the elevator. She lands on her knees. "That's gotta hurt, huh?" RevCam says, then closes the elevator screen. Hey, RevCam's kind of cool when he's being all evil and not having sex scenes with a nineteen-year-old. He lowers the elevator to between the first and second floor and tells her not to bother pressing any of the buttons -- they don't work. That's quite a design flaw. Then he goes downstairs.

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