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RevCam's Secret Past

Clair's beach house may be in flames, but her eleventh costume change has survived intact. Firefighters tend to her, and she's doing very well, considering the fact that her house blew up around her. Frank helps her up.

RevCam's in the kitchen. He takes a knife out of well-populated knife block (seriously. The knife block has about thirty knives in it. Who, besides Professional Chef Keckler, needs that many knives?), puts it back, then selects another knife from the block. I guess the other one wasn't pointy enough?

Felicity struggles half-heartedly in the elevator.

RevCam starts trashing his house as he talks to an imaginary Frank about how he was right, and Felicity really was totally crazy and tried to kill him. He starts slashing at the wallpaper to make the scene look convincing, but frankly, I think he's going a little too far. A knocked-over vase? Sure, I'll buy that. Several knife marks in the wall? I'm doubtful.

RevCam keeps yelling to himself about how Felicity is just like Amy Fischer (a surprising reference to a semi-current event! I'm shocked!) as Felicity finds a door on the ceiling of the elevator. She tries to climb through it, but falls over.

RevCam's stabbing the couch now, telling the air how he had to stab Felicity in self-defense. In the elevator, Felicity is making a second brave effort to climb out of her prison. This time, it works. Felicity can thank her giant mane of hair for that -- it gave her the extra height she needed to prop the trapdoor open.

RevCam is still stabbing at the couch. Chill, Rev. No one is going to believe that Felicity tried to stab you, but missed and hit the couch, but didn't realize that until after she stabbed it fifty times. Felicity continues to worm her way out of the elevator.

Couch slaughter finished, RevCam runs to the kitchen and calls Frank's car phone. Good thing he knew Frank was in his car and not, like, anywhere else. RevCam tells Frank that he just got in and found Felicity trashing his house. Frank tells RevCam he's on his way, except that it's totally obvious that that line was dubbed in during post-production.

Frank turns to Clair, who's getting cheek blood all over his leather interior, and tells her that RevCam has Felicity, and he's going to call for back-up. Clair does not respond. In fact, I think she's dead. Cheek injuries can be serious.

RevCam slices a long, straight gouge into his forearm, which you'd never see on a real stabbing victim, since they tend to try to move their arms out of the way, making the wound jagged. Plus, it's really hard to get inadvertently stabbed in the inside of your forearm. Think about it: you'd have to hold your arm out and twist it so that the inside was facing the knife. RevCam should have stuck with unregistered guns for murder weapons; he doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to knives and light bulbs. Felicity runs through the house, her hands still tied behind her back. RevCam comes upstairs, clutching his bleeding arm, and screams, "Felicity, look what YOUDIDTOME!" He waits for a response to his dramatic performance, but there is none. RevCam runs to the elevator, sees that Felicity has escaped, and starts screaming some more.

Felicity hides in Sally's closet. Unfortunately, her big hair works against her here, as a strand of it grabs a hanger and flings it to the ground. RevCam hears the clatter and moves to the bedroom. Felicity picks the hanger up and uses it to untie her hands. I don't know exactly why or how that worked, but whatever.

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