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The Babysitter’s Seduction

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RevCam's Secret Past

Outside the bedroom, RevCam takes a few deep whiffs of the air, then smiles. Oh, gross.

Felicity continues to struggle with the hanger. RevCam enters the closet and kindly asks her to step forward so he can murder her before Frank arrives. Felicity does step forward, but then whips out the hanger and scratches RevCam across the face with it. He's all stunned and his cheek is gushing blood. Damn, I never knew hangers were so vicious. Also, I guess I should apologize to Felicity's hair for trying to sabotage her escape, as it seems to have ultimately helped her.

Felicity runs around the house, making scared gasping noises. She gets to the front door, but it won't open. From the second floor, RevCam laughs and tells Felicity that they are locked in. What a strange house -- first they have an elevator whose buttons don't work, and now they have door that lock from the outside. Wait a minute -- if all the doors lock from the outside, then how did RevCam get in the house? Dammit, I'm going to be trying to figure that out all night. I hate this movie. ["And can I ask…where are the kids? Don't they…live there? Oh, forget it." -- Sars]

Felicity runs to a phone a calls 911. Before they can answer, RevCam screams her name, and she panics and runs away. She finds a stairway in the kitchen -- this house is, like, ninety percent stairway -- and runs up it. RevCam comes into the kitchen and grabs the phone. He tells the operator that one of his kids just tried to make a prank call -- sorry! Operator Dumbface gives him a brief lecture on how to use emergency lines, then hangs up. Meanwhile, how does RevCam think he's going to explain away the fact that, while Felicity was supposedly trying to kill him, a 911 call was made from his house, and the transcript of the call has him calmly telling the operator that his kid dialed it? People just don't know how to plan murders these days.

Felicity ducks behind a banister just as RevCam looks up the stairs. He doesn't see her, and leaves. Felicity immediately gets up and knocks over a doll, which begins to say "mama, mama" in a very symbolic fashion. RevCam comes back and runs up the stairs to get Felicity. She dumps a box of toys on him, but it doesn't have nearly the effect on him that the hanger did. He jumps over the banister -- Action RevCam! -- and continues to chase her. He is momentarily distracted from his pursuit when Felicity throws a nice wicker chair at him, giving her the time to jump out the window and onto a ledge. RevCam goes out after her, then starts teasing her because she has nowhere to go. She's, like, four stories off the ground (even though we only saw her climb up one floor), and the only way back into the house is through him. But wait! There's a pool directly underneath the ledge! Well, actually, the whirlpool next to the pool is directly underneath her, but let's not quibble. Felicity does the crappiest dive ever and lands in the pool on her back. I thought she was supposed to be a good swimmer. She surfaces in her trademark Dead Man's Float. RevCam turns around and goes back in the house. Wow, his cheek is still bleeding from that hanger injury.

Speaking of people with mortal cheek wounds, Clair and Frank are speeding to RevCam's house.

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