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In the car, RevCam asks Felicity what year of high school she's in. She says she's a senior. He asks about college. She says she'll probably go to "State" unless she gets a scholarship. Ah, State. I hear it has a really good teaching program. RevCam says that Felicity must be a good student. I don't know what in Felicity's behavior would indicate that, but whatever. Felicity says she's going for an athletic scholarship; she's on the swim team, and she's been competing ever since she was a child, if anyone cares. RevCam asks her what her plans are after college. Felicity says she doesn't know. RevCam lectures her that she has to "set goals" for herself, and asks if she has any goals. She says she doesn't. "Yes, you do," RevCam says, because he apparently has the ability to read minds in this movie. Maybe the movie will be more interesting now. Felicity says she would like to live like he does. RevCam says that it's not what you have; it's who you share it with. Felicity says his wife is pretty lucky. "Thank you," says RevCam. "I'll tell you a little secret though: I'm the lucky one." Jan Hammer presses a few buttons on his keyboard and collects another paycheck. The convertible pulls up to Felicity's house, which is a surprisingly large, nice-looking, two-story deal, considering that the DVD case claimed that Felicity was from the "poorer side of town." It's bigger than the house I grew up in, and we weren't poor. This movie is stupid. Felicity says goodnight to RevCam, then watches the car drive away.

Now we're at Felicity's high school. She disembarks from a school bus and greets her friend, who looks like a less-attractive Jennifer Garner. The friend says she took the advice Felicity gave her last night about demanding an escort to Homecoming, and now she doesn't have a date to the dance. "No way!" says Felicity, then: "Tracy, I am so sorry. Do you hate me?" I used to talk to my girlfriends like that, too. When I was eleven. Tracy says she doesn't hate Felicity, and they hug.

A golf cart drives by, because it's a new scene and we're at a golf club. RevCam walks into the course restaurant and introduces his playing partner, "the once-great Detective O'Keefe," to a nearby waiter. The once-great Detective O'Keefe and RevCam sit at a table. RevCam basks in the glow of golf victory until the once-great Detective O'Keefe changes the subject and asks RevCam what he's getting Sally, his wife, for her birthday. RevCam says he won't tell, because then O'Keefe will tell "Norma," and Norma will tell Sally. All he'll say is that he thinks Sally is going to love it. Yes, getting shot in the face is a pretty great gift. O'Keefe says that Norma always gets depressed on her birthdays. RevCam gets real interested in that, and says that Sally gets depressed too. Detective Brilliant Observation says that he thinks it has something to do with "age." RevCam thinks Sally's depressed and moody because she wants another baby. "Are you guys trying?" O'Keefe asks, way too curious. "Every chance we get," RevCam says. Ew.

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