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RevCam's Secret Past

The police have arrived, and some guy is taking pictures of poor dead Sally. No one mentions how she managed to shoot herself in the head but still leave herself looking good enough for an open-coffin funeral. Clair takes a seat next to Felicity on the couch. She introduces herself: "I'm Detective Jacobs, and I'm not going to ask you how you're doing right now, 'cause I can imagine not so good." Yes, only someone as experienced in observation and deduction as a police detective would be able to figure that out.

We suddenly cut to an old lady descending in an old freight elevator. We realize that the elevator is actually in the house, but we still don't know who this lady is. She calls out for "Frank," RevCam's friend from the golf club. He runs over and gives her a hug. I guess she's Norma? Hey, Frank is played by 24's EvilChrisElliott! Although here, he looks more like a DumpyChristopherWalken.

Back on the couch, Phylicia is still not asking Felicity how she's doing. Frank and Norma walk in; Frank introduces her as RevCam's mother. I guess I was wrong. NotNorma says that the children want to see Felicity; Felicity walks the suddenly feeble NotNorma out of the room and into the hall. Frank asks Clair what happened. Clair says it looks like a suicide, although they haven't found a note. Meanwhile, NotNorma moves so slowly that Felicity and she are still hanging out right outside the door, so, way to reveal confidential information there, Clair.

RevCam is in the back seat of a car, his eyes filled with tears. As he pretty much looks like this in every episode of 7th Heaven, it has little emotional impact on me. The car drives up to RevCam's house, and he and Frank get out. "Now, the next couple days are going to be real rough for you," Frank says to RevCam, as Frank's deductive reasoning skills are about as good as his partner's. Speaking of his partner, Clair, who was apparently driving the car, gets out and answers a phone call. She hangs up and walks over to Frank and RevCam. She tells Frank that she just heard that the gun that was in Sally's hand was not registered. Again, way to divulge confidential case information in front of a non-police officer. She asks him if he knew Sally had a gun. RevCam says that Sally hated guns, and would never have brought one in the house with the children there. Then he sort of collapses, and Frank gives him a hug while he sobs. RevCam has more chemistry with Frank than he ever did Annie.

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