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RevCam's Secret Past

We get an establishing shot of some tall buildings over a river for about five minutes, then see RevCam and Frank on the balcony of one of the buildings. RevCam gives Frank a bottle of pills, saying he found it in his wife's closet and it might be the anti-depressants they're looking for. Rocking a bright blue suit, Frank sniffs one of the pills and says he'll have it checked out. Then he asks RevCam if he knows a guy named Paul Richards. RevCam says he doesn't. Frank says that a man named Paul Richards is claiming to have been Sally's lover, was out of town when Sally died, and just found out about it now. He's also claiming that Sally was about to leave RevCam. RevCam turns around and grips the balcony railing. Hey, Frank: do you think you might, in the future, wait until you're not next to the edge of a tall building to tell someone his wife was cheating on him? Just a thought. Frank says he's sorry, and he wanted to be the one to tell RevCam, not someone else. Like Clair, who probably would have walked into one of RevCam's kids' birthday parties, set fire to all the presents, and then loudly announced that Sally was having an affair within earshot of the kids. Because that's the kind of tactful gal Clair is.

And we're at Felicity's high school. She's in typing class with Bardo and Tracy. Some girl looks up and asks Felicity if Sally was "just lying there, all bloody, when [Felicity] found her?" I wouldn't call her "all bloody," considering she only had, like, a speck of blood where the gunshot wound was supposed to be. But Felicity says yes because everyone likes to tell a good story. The girl asks Felicity if she's going to still work there. Felicity says she doesn't know, but she really feels bad for the kids. Bardo manages to tear himself away from Mavis Beacon to order Felicity not to baby-sit anymore.

Now Felicity is sitting in a fancy-schmancy restaurant. RevCam comes in and sits down, apologizing for being late. He takes a napkin and puts it on his lap; Felicity follows suit. See, she's from The Wrong Side of the Tracks, where they don't practice good table manners, so she has to learn by observing. RevCam whines about how sad he is about his wife being dead and stuff. Felicity asks about the kids; RevCam says they're okay. "Mommy who?" they often say. RevCam asks Felicity how she's doing. Felicity says that Homecoming is coming up at her school (no, really? That's the first we've heard about this "Homecoming dance") and everyone's trying to get dates. RevCam says he's sure that's not a problem for her. Is this "the babysitter's seduction"? It's about damn time. Not that I actually want to see it, but if a movie's going to advertise itself as being about a guy seducing his babysitter, then we really shouldn't have to wait until the first third of the movie is over to actually see it start to happen. RevCam gets down to brass tacks: his mom is leaving soon, and he could really use someone to help with the kids. I find it hard to believe that that feeble old lady who couldn't even climb stairs was able to take care of children, but okay. Felicity tells him to give her a call; she's "available."

Felicity's at RevCam's house, looking through a photo album. Ah, memories of the times a family that isn't yours spent together, without you. How interesting. RevCam enters and asks if the kids are in bed, then takes a seat next to Felicity and looks at the photo album. "I keep asking myself why I didn't see how much pain she was in," he says, while Felicity sits there like, "Well, this just got awkward." She puts a comforting arm on his shoulder. He tells her to come outside; he has a surprise for her. Felicity giggles. Outside, RevCam tells Felicity that he wants her to use the "new car" -- the Range Rover that used to be poor dead Sally's -- to drive the kids around. He hands her the keys and tells her to press a button on them. She does, and the car alarm chirps. Felicity laughs like this is the coolest thing ever.

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