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RevCam's Secret Past

Establishing shot of an ugly-ass bright blue bridge. Clair (sensible pantsuit costume change count: 6) walks by a boat. Paul Richards suddenly peeks his head over the deck of the boat and calls down to her: "It wasn't suicide, was it?" Clair seems surprised to see him. Are we supposed to think that that was an amazing coincidence, that she was walking by the very boat owned by one of her suspects? Paul Richards walks down to the dock and pulls Clair onto his boat. He says this is where he and Sally usually met, because it was safe from RevCam, who she was "scared to death" of. Suddenly, Paul has a drink in his hand. Nice continuity. Clair asks Paul if Sally was seeing a psychiatrist; he says that RevCam would never allow that. He's a control freak; he demanded that Sally have another child when she said she wanted to work again now that her kids were in school. Paul says that Sally thought that RevCam even went so far as to have her followed, and she told Paul it was "too dangerous" to see him because of that. Clair asks if that means that Paul got dumped. Paul says no, the break-up was just temporary. Clair says that no one saw Paul in West Palm the morning that Sally died. Paul says that he didn't like the speaker, so he took a walk on the beach. His work was paying him to go on a business trip and he was skipping the conferences? That's kind of asshole. Paul suddenly figures out that Clair is insinuating that he killed Sally, and gets all indignant. "I'm the one who told you she was going to leave him!" Paul says. "But she left you," Clair sasses back. Then they stare at each other and wait for the director to yell cut.

Paul calls various private detective agencies, pretending to be RevCam and asking them if they have his case. Finally, he gets an agency with the stupidest receptionist ever, who's all, "Oh, hey, RevCam, it's me, Susie!" Paul asks for a copy of his report and any photos it has, saying that he lost his copy. Stupid Susie says it's been archived, so she'll "modem it over to [his] computer." "Modem"? I was not aware that that was a verb. Maybe it was…in 1985! Paul tells Susie to go ahead and modem that file to him, turning on his computer, which is next to his refrigerator. Smart furniture placement there, Paul. It will be so much more fun using your computer with the ever-present hum of the refrigerator screaming into your ear. Susie suddenly remembers that she works at a private detective agency and should be a little more clandestine, and asks Paul for the case number. He stammers that he left the case number at the office and hangs up. I'm so glad we get to watch Paul trying to solve this case. The suspect-to-detective ratio was getting a little high.

At high school, Tracy is whining to Felicity that she can't believe Felicity ditched her and their homecoming shopping plans. Felicity says she has to watch the kids, and anyway, Tracy doesn't have a date to Homecoming, so why would she need a dress? Clair walks up (SPCCC: 7). Felicity introduces Tracy to Clair, telling Tracy that Clair is a cop. "Oh," says Tracy, slowly sliding away. Ha! I'll bet Tracy has weed on her. Clair informs Felicity that Sally was murdered, then carefully observes Felicity's reaction to the news.

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