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It's the most controversial episode of 7th Heaven ever! Everyone's been talking about it! Well, actually, no one's been talking about it, but I'll give Brenda points for trying.

A family leaves Glenoak's most upscaliest of restaurants, which is probably the dining room area of Pete's Pizza, and their daughter grabs two handfuls of complimentary mints on the way out. Her father actually congratulates her for this display of disgusting greed instead of making her put them all back except one, like my parents always did. I shouldn't be so harsh; maybe when they saw Simon Camden's name on the reservation list, they decided not to get dinner there after all and the mints are all they have to sustain them.

RevCam and Annie walk in. The maître d' informs them that their son is running late, and seats them. They each order (non-bottled) waters, which disgusts the snobby waiter, like, no one's ever ordered water in a fancy restaurant? Simon and Georgia arrive. Simon takes in the scene, pauses, and then introduces Georgia to his parents again. Georgia politely attempts to hug Annie, who visibly recoils in shock and horror. "Can I get crabs from hugging?" she wonders. Simon asks to what he owes his parents' surprise appearance, and RevCam answers that Simon lied to them, and they were hungry. Georgia, again being way too polite to these horrible people, offers to pay for everyone's meal, explaining that it's only fair since Simon is paying for "the room." Oops! Simon smirks. RevCam and Annie gape. The waiter comes around, and Simon and Georgia order "the usual." Annie orders the usual as well, but RevCam has something different in mind. He would like a Porterhouse steak, cooked in clarified butter, and a Yorkshire pudding. And a side of broccoli with Hollandaise sauce. And a "side of duck." Oh, and a shrimp cocktail. He finishes by asking to have it all charged to Simon's room. This is probably the least assholish thing RevCam does this episode, so get ready.

Where can Barry Watson gooooooo!
When Hollywood don't treat him right?
The answer's this shoooooow!
That's the one place that he'll find,
A paycheck.
MMMMMMM! A paycheck.

RevCam happily digs into his steak. Yeah, suck on that clarified butter, RevCam. Let it fill your already-weakened arteries. Go for the quintuple bypass! Simon and his lady have ordered burgers. RevCam goes on and on about how expensive the food is until Annie tries to make nice by asking about Georgia's parents. Turns out that her father is also a pastor, at the "Chapel of Renewed Faith." Dun dun dunnnnnnn! RevCam tries not to choke on his steak. Simon smirks.

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