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Lucy and Kevin come home with new clothes and Lucy seems to be feeling better about stuff. Kevin apologizes for fainting at the appointment. He was "overwhelmed." They really do have sex in the dark.

Matt heats up the grill as Ruthie says she wishes Matt and PC went to school in Glenoak. This leads Matt to order her to go to college, start a career, get married, and have children. Ruthie says that none of her other siblings did that. But hey, Ruthie, they're not actually biologically related to you, so you're the most likely candidate to buck the trend. Matt tells her some crap about how she should make her own decisions about doing what she wants to do, even though three seconds ago he was telling her how to lead her life. Ruthie asks Matt if he's trying to tell her to have a plan to wait before marriage to have sex. Matt says he would, in fact, like to know Ruthie's plans about sex. Ewwwww. Ruthie says that whatever prevents her from having the conversation with her parents that Simon is currently having is what she'll do. That makes sense; if the CamRents were my parents, I would do whatever meant I wouldn't have to have any conversations with them about anything, ever. Mackenzie Rosman attempts to say some crap line about how Matt's new "voice of authority" suits him.

Lucy and Kevin enter the back yard, along with Martin, the twins, and Happy. Martin asks if they're having a girl or a boy. "Are we uncles or aunts?" ask SamVid. If Matt were as good a fake-doctor as he purports to be, he would have noticed that his brothers need some serious help, wouldn't he? Lucy says they're waiting for the CamRents to come out so they can tell them. It could be a long wait, but "we're waiting," Lucy says anvilly.

Living room. RevCam asks Simon if it was worse having sex and not telling his parents than it was to just not have sex. Simon says that at first, having sex "was great." And then he started to feel guilty about it as he realized that he doesn't really want to be with Georgia. RevCam exposits that Simon and Georgia spent so much time together and cut so many classes that they got put on probation. Not academic probation, mind you, but disciplinary probation. Maybe they got caught doing it in the library or something. RevCam says he can't believe that his son would "so easily" abandon what his family has taught him all his life, and that he "hates" what Simon has been doing, although he claims to love Simon. Simon asks what he should do about Georgia. Should he break up with her? RevCam doesn't think that Simon should care about Georgia; he should focus on getting his life back on track. That's right, RevCam. Teach your son to be selfish and not care about the feelings of others. That's the Christian way! Well, it's the Glenoak Community Church way. I have a feeling things are different at the Chapel of Renewed Faith. Simon says he should break up with Georgia before he worries about himself. Hey, here's an idea of RevCam's that is sure to solve the problem: why doesn't Simon ask for God's forgiveness and then promise to not have sex ever again until he's married? Simon doesn't look too thrilled about this plan. Maybe he's pissed because he's asking his dad for advice and all he's getting back is stuff about his dad "hating" what he's done and telling him to pray about it.

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