7th Heaven
The Best Laid Plans

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And now everyone is outside for the big picnic. Everyone stares at Simon and RevCam and the Violins of Suspense play. I was expecting Simon to have to make an announcement about having sex, but no, Lucy just hugs him. And then her dad. And then Matt hugs Simon. And then Ruthie demands to know the sex of the baby so she can get started making her voodoo doll of it. "It's a girl!" Lucy and Kevin say. SamVid applaud. "OOOOHH!!!" screams Annie, and over-the-top, ridiculous reactions like that are probably why she wasn't included in that last scene. Hugs and handshakes are exchanged. The twins sit on the sidelines, still applauding, as a mouse makes it way under their shoes. Happy barks at it. Everyone ignores Happy. Was the mouse supposed to represent Jesus?

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7th Heaven




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