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Matt's leading Ruthie to the back door as Kevin enters the house. Matt says Ruthie was just on her way to apologize, because she shouldn't blame other people for what she can control. Can she control her evil impulses really, though? Ruthie asks why he cares so much; Matt says he just loves his sister. Ruthie asks if they teach courses on lying at med school. No, those are for the health insurance adjusters. Matt orders her out, and she departs. "She's really growing up," Kevin says creepily. Matt thinks that Ruthie is having trouble accepting that. Is he a gynecologist wannabe or a psychiatrist wannabe?

Ruthie knock-knocks on Martin's tent, and he asks her what's up. Ruthie says she doesn't know what's up; Matt made her come out here to apologize when she already tried to apologize once. Martin leaves the tent and informs her that her last apology was not sufficient; she owes him a proper apology, because that's how human friends are supposed to interact. "You first," says the Evil One. So Martin apologizes. When Ruthie doesn't apologize back, Martin gets pissed and says the following to her: "You're just a spoiled brat. You get away with everything because you're the youngest girl in the family and everyone treats you like a baby. Everyone thinks it's funny or cute when you do something wrong. Well, you're not with your family when you're at school, and other people might not find you so funny or cute!" Ha! Martin's awesome! Oh, and then Ruthie actually interrupts Martin, instead of letting him finish his line and then waiting an awkward three seconds to speak, and tells him that she knows why he lost Asslee and hasn't gotten another women yet; he doesn't know how to talk to women. Martin points out that women don't pants people. "Oh please! What's the big deal?" Ruthie says, astounding me with how realistically she delivered that line. Damn! What happened over the summer? Maybe they had an acting coach on the set of those K-Mart commercials. Ruthie says the only real, heartfelt apology she can give Martin is that she's sorry he ever came to town.

Ruthie storms into the house and up the stairs as Matt watches Kevin make Lucy's food. I love that Kevin didn't even try to go shopping for the food; he just walked right into the CamPound to steal it. Kevin laughs at the fact that Ruthie's apology to Martin obviously didn't go well. Matt asks Kevin when they'll be finding out the sex of the baby; Kevin says tomorrow, but that he can't tell anyone what it is because Lucy made him swear it to secrecy. Matt says he's sure that Lucy won't be able to keep a secret. Shut up, Matt.

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