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Matt's finally found something to do, and it's what he does best: he's standing outside Martin's tent, listening in on Martin's phone calls. Martin leaves a message for someone, saying that he wants to talk to her. "That better not be [Asslee]," Matt says. Asshole. Martin responds that that better not have been the apology Matt promised him, adding that he was talking to his aunt in New York and not to Asslee. It's gotta be pretty late in New York right now, but I guess Martin doesn't care. Martin says he actually already talked to Asslee, and she said that she dumped Simon before she left for vacation so that she could be "unattached" when she started college. Martin tells Matt that Ruthie said he can't get women. "Well, you can either believe her or prove her wrong," says Matt. Huh? Martin claims that Matt has "good advice."

At the restaurant, RevCam tells the waiter that Simon will be paying for the dinner, and then turns to Simon to asks him what he's doing with Georgia when his real girlfriend left for vacation. And he said that all in front of Georgia, just to make her feel like crap. How kind of you, Reverend! Oh, but wait -- Georgia says she knows all about Asslee. RevCam asks Georgia whether they discuss being "emotionally ready" to have sex in her father's classes. He adds that he doesn't think Simon is. Simon tells his dad that it doesn't matter what RevCam or Annie think; it matters what he and Georgia think. The waiter comes around with the check and calls Simon "sir," to which RevCam assholishy mutters a "'Sir?' Oh please." Simon adds that he thinks he must be pretty emotionally ready if he can stay at dinner when his parents show up just to ruin his night. "I've had it," Simon says, and he and Georgia get up to leave. RevCam asks Georgia how many teens are in her father's class. "About a hundred," says Georgia, a number that includes the kids from "other churches." Ha! Ha! Ha!

It's the next morning in the CamKitchen, and Matt tells his dad that he wants to talk to Simon when he gets home. RevCam says that he, too, wants to talk to Simon. Matt wants him first because RevCam and Annie obviously aren't getting anywhere. Matt tells his dad that maybe he should talk to Martin. And maybe Matt should talk to his wife about how their marriage is a complete sham. Simon enters the house, and Matt leaves, wishing RevCam "good luck." RevCam asks Simon if he can talk to him now. Simon says that they talked enough last night to last until he goes back to school. At this, RevCam pulls out the "how are you paying for school?" card, saying that if Simon can make his own decisions about sex, he can certainly pay for his own school. Does RevCam have amnesia? Are his clarified-butter-blocked arteries restricting the blood flow to his brain? Because if not, he should remember what happened the last time he didn't agree with one of his children's life choices and made her pay for everything herself. He shouldn't remember being a big part of her life since then, because he hasn't been. Because she hates him now. Simon says he'll find a way to get the money if that's what RevCam is threatening. RevCam wonders if Simon can get the money from Asslee's dad, and Simon says that he can, because his job and his relationship with Asslee are mutually exclusive. Of course, this prompts RevCam to ask about Asslee, to which Simon says she's not his girlfriend anymore, then takes off.

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