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Matt and Ruthie are walking down the hall. Annie runs up and nags at Ruthie to apologize to Martin before he goes to school. Ruthie says he already left, but that maybe she can apologize to him after her detention. She leaves. Matt informs his mother that her children are growing up and she can't just tell them what to do anymore. Matt informs Annie that "kids today" are smarter than he was when he was growing up. Well, sure, but so are one-celled creatures today. Matt says that RevCam and Annie are going to have to get smarter as they get older to deal with all the new temptations kids today have. Like what, cell phones? If he's talking about sex and drugs...well, those were around when RevCam and Annie were in school. Not that RevCam indulged in either. Annie is another story, which I can't wait to recap. "You're starting to sound like a doctor," Annie says. If by that she means condescending and self-important, then she's absolutely right.

Annie enters the twins' room to take them to school. But they're not there. They probably left the house some time last night when everyone else was too busy not being able to mind their own business to take care of their actually dependant children. Annie opens the connecting door to look for them in Simon's room, but all she finds is Simon in mid-dress. He's kind of pissed at the unannounced intrusion, but Annie isn't sorry. Apparently, because this is "her house" (which it isn't, it's the church's), she can just walk on into people's rooms whenever she damn well pleases. Huh. Mrs. Poole used that logic once and Annie wasn't quite so supportive of it then. Annie takes a different, kinder tone, and asks her son what's wrong with him. He says nothing. She asks where the twins are. He doesn't know.

Now let's join Annie in A Mother's "Love": The Search for Her Missing Children, already in progress. This probably happens about every third day, when Annie realizes that she hasn't seen her kids since the last time she found them. Annie notices an open closet and finds her boys inside, hiding under blankets. Except that they're using the Scooby-Doo hiding technique, which is to just throw something over yourself and hope no one finds it suspicious that there's a sheet standing of its own accord shaped like a man holding a big dog. Although in this case, it's two little boys. And Annie is at least marginally smarter than Mr. Henderson, the cranky old caretaker, and figures out where her sons are. She tells them that school will get better. "We make mistakes all the time," Vid says, desperately trying to make his mother to see that they have some severe learning disabilities. Annie says that people make mistakes, and then they learn from them. Sure, if they're capable of learning, which SamVid isn't. For example: "Please, no more learning," Sam begs. "Please, my head hurts," says Vid. Please, get them into a special education program. As Simon walks up behind her, Annie says that every day is a chance to learn and do better.

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